About us

LuxePlace – where Fashion meets Finance

Around the world, the business of creativity and esthetics is booming, attracting more and more passionate, creative, and intelligent people to build brands, grow companies, and search for investment opportunities.

Based in Asia, LuxePlace is taking a universal perspective and innovative approach to cover the industry and market of luxury, fashion, beauty, home, hospitality, and wellness —— all driven by the forces of creativity and esthetics, and all contribute to building a beautiful, joyful, and quality life for human beings.

With comprehensive and succinct news, data, reports, and courses, LuxePlace aspires to converge the magic of fashion and the power of finance by bringing rich domain knowledge and balanced view of the world to the executives, founders, and investors in related fields.

There are four main focuses of LuxePlace:


Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Spirits are the most important success factors in every business. For the business of creativity and esthetics, it is all the more so.

Under the column of “CEO/Founder Talk”, you will read the first-hand thoughts and experiences from young founders and industry veterans, telling how they build and develop premium brands and drive growth under challenging market conditions.


Growth, for young and old brands and companies, is primarily driven by innovation —— innovation in design, technology, sustainability, the way we produce and sell our products and the way we communicate with our target customers.

Of the plenty business news happening every day, we emphasize most on those that inspire us for greater imagination and bolder actions.


Financial reports are critical in understanding the status and prospect of a brand and its company. LuxePlace serves as a one-stop financial data center, where you will find the latest financial summaries of major luxury, fashion, and beauty companies, as well as other prominent industry players.

The flow of capital powers growth and innovation, indicates the future of the industry. At LuxePlace, you will find the most comprehensive information on venture investment, merger and acquisitions, as well as in-depth analysis of investment strategies and practices of strategic and financial investors.


China is becoming the largest consumer market in the world and Chinese consumers are constantly looking for upgrading and excitements. What happens there is truly eye-opening and mind-blowing. No matter where you sit, you should not ignore China.

Gaining an updated, balanced and insider view of China market will not only help international companies finetune their China strategy, but also provide inspirations and best practices that are equally relevant elsewhere in the world.

— Our Founders and Methodology:

The co-founders of LuxePlace are serial entrepreneurs who have 50+ combined years of experiences in finance, media, fashion, and internet.

They believe that the development of the business of creativity and esthetics is still at a very early stage. Information and knowledge are essential in driving this exciting business forward, with broader horizon and more value creation.

The methodology of LuxePlace is both “Bottom-Up” and “Top-Down” :

* Bottom-Up:    The cases, statistics, reports and courses are solidly based on the proprietary database and knowledge pool we have been building over years around a growing number (currently close to 5,000) of global luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands and entities with a sophisticated tagging system.

* Top-Down:        The insights and wisdom of LuxePlace come from not only the founders and in-house experts, but also the extensive and extending network of brand owners, retailers, manufacturers, VC/PE investors, senior executives, creative talents, and young entrepreneurs.

You will read exclusive views and opinions from LuxePlace under the column Luxe Journal.

— Our Products and Fees

Currently, most of the contents offered by LuxePlace are available to registered users for FREE under the columns of Global News, China Watch, CEO/Founder Talk.

The contents under Investment Deals, Financial Summary, Research & Reports and Luxe Journal are only available to paid subscribers at an annual fee of US dollar 299.

We will also offer exclusive online courses in English on fashion and luxury business management and entrepreneurship. The course fee will vary with different subjects and lengths.


Any question, please send email to contact@luxeplace.com