Hermès Hosts “On the Wings of Hermès” Fantasy Theater in Shanghai’s West Bund

12月 15, 2023

On December 9th, the French luxury brand Hermès launched the “On the Wings of Hermès” fantasy theater at the West Bund Art Center in Shanghai.

Following performances in Tokyo, Paris, Taipei, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, the global journey of “On the Wings of Hermès” reached Shanghai. The immersive sensory experience presented to the audience a dreamy world of Hermès, characterized by lightness and delight.

The brand “invites you to travel to an imaginary universe created for the house by Belgian duo, Director Jaco van Dormael & Choreographer Michèle Anne de Mey together with the Astragales Dance Company. The performance is an invitation to let your imagination take flight; an ode to daydreaming.

“This work metaphorically illustrates the lightness that is omnipresent at Hermès: in the delicate hands of our craftsmen sewing with two needles at once; in the elegance of materials, and in the subtle notes of a perfume. It is an experience which sparks the imagination, designed by artisans of dreams,” said Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the Global Artistic Director of Hermès.

In a vast, deep space akin to a photography studio, seven scenes unfolded one by one, narrating the story of the mythological winged horse Pegasus and seven little ponies. Dance, object theater, music, and film melded together, with seven performances awaiting discovery in their unique settings. Poetic, intricate statues and Hermès objects transformed into elegant puppets, coming to life in the swirling dance of hands.

Dancers, choreographers, lighting technicians, and video technicians worked in perfect harmony to present a delightful fantasy of sight and sound. A miniature circus brimmed with vibrant energy; a Kelly bag choir performed a witty opera; overlapping gloves embarked on a lyrical migration journey; a tender loving couple danced in the breeze, blending into the azure sky… All these vivid scenes were captured live by Jaco Van Dormael’s camera and projected onto a giant screen at the venue, creating a dreamlike, cinematic illusion.

The event took place from December 9 to December 19, 2023, with breaks on December 11 and 18.

According to Luxeplace.com, reservations for the performance on the “On the Wings of Hermès” WeChat mini-program were fully booked as early as the evening of December 8.

| Source: Official Press Release

| Image Credite: Provided by brand

| Editor: LeZhi