Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking | LV’s First Chinese Podcast, Prada’s Exhibition in Qingdao, Tiffany and De Beers’ High Jewelry Showcase

10月 20, 2023

Selected by the Luxe.CO Jury Panel, the marketing cases of the following four brands have made it to the Top Cases List of the 19th issue of 2023 Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking.

1. Louis Vuitton
2. Prada
3.  Tiffany & Co.
4.  De Beers Jewellers

From October 1, 2023, to October 15, 2023, Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking has compiled a total of 27 updates from 18 luxury brands in the Chinese market. These updates include marketing initiatives (10), store expansions (9), opening of pop-up stores (7), and the appointment of brand ambassadors(1).

Recommended Cases

1)  Louis Vuitton

Case: Launch of the First Chinese Podcast Series

Louis Vuitton has introduced its first Chinese podcast series, Louis Vuitton [EXTENDED], on the Xiaoyuzhou platform. The first season of the podcast focuses on the city of Shanghai, exploring memories along the flowing Suzhou River, the Four Must-Eat breakfast stalls, and the bread in pastry shops. Guests share their intriguing and heartwarming stories about their experiences in Shanghai. Currently, two episodes have been released, each with a duration of 30-40 minutes.

Last month, Louis Vuitton launched the global podcast series Louis Vuitton [Extended] with a bi-monthly release schedule. The inaugural episode featured a conversation with Pharrell Williams, the newly appointed Creative Director for Louis Vuitton’s menswear, and was released on September 4th.

Podcasts offer consumers an opportunity to immerse themselves in in-depth brand stories, and those who receive this in-depth information may transition from occasional customers to loyal brand enthusiasts. According to data from Deloitte and PodFest, the primary audience for podcasts is young people between the ages of 22 and 35, typically residing in first and second-tier cities, highly educated, and employed. Therefore, podcasts are an ideal medium for luxury brands to engage with their target audience.

2) Prada

Case: Ocean & Climate Village Touring Exhibition in China

In collaboration with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC/UNESCO), Prada Group launched the education project SEA BEYOND, including the touring exhibition Ocean & Climate Village, in Qingdao, China.

The exhibition is located on the 81st and 82nd floors of the Qingdao Cloud Shantou Center and covers five main thematic areas: The Ocean Planet, A Changing Climate, Focus: China Case Study, Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystems, and Solutions for the Ocean We Want.

The Ocean & Climate Village project is affiliated with the Ocean Science for Sustainable Development Decade (2021-2030) initiative, launched in 2021. The new edition of the exhibition is co-curated by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (ICO/UNESCO) and the UNESCO Beijing Office, aiming to engage the public in exploring the connections between the ocean and climate, with a focus on promoting ocean literacy among young generations. This event primarily targets children and teenagers, ranging from elementary to high school students.

3) Tiffany & Co. 

Case: 2023 Blue Book High Jewelry Collection – Out of the Blue Autumn Pieces

Tiffany & Co. globally unveiled the 2023 Blue Book High Jewelry Collection titled Out of the Blue Autumn Pieces for the first time in Shanghai. Over 600 high jewelry pieces were showcased at the event.

This collection marks the continuation of the brand’s high jewelry legacy and is the debut of a Blue Book High Jewelry Collection designed by Chief Artistic Officer Nathalie Verdeille. It continues to explore the extraordinary imagination of the brand’s legendary designer Jean Schlumberger in the world of the ocean. The collection revolves around and extends the themes of the seashells, colorful coral, leaping fish, deep-sea star urchins, and oceanic starfish. It also introduces a new theme, the Sea Anemone, offering a fresh interpretation of Jean Schlumberger’s mysterious and colorful marine imagery.

4)  De Beers Jewellers

Case: Metamorphosis by De Beers High Jewelry Exhibition

De Beers Jewellers hosted the Metamorphosis by De Beers Exhibition in Lijiang, Yunnan. This event marked its first appearance after previous launches during the high fashion weeks in Paris in January and July this year.

The exhibition featured over a hundred pieces of De Beers jewelry, including 35 exquisite creations from the Metamorphosis by De Beers Collection. Among these were rare gems such as a 10.28-carat cushion-cut fancy vivid orange-yellow diamond, a 7.61-carat cushion-cut fancy vivid yellow diamond, and an 8.49-carat pear-shaped D-color diamond.

Marketing Updates

5) French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has opened a limited-time space titled Nóng Hó, Shanghai (侬好,上海) at the Fotografiska Center for Photography along the Suzhou River in Shanghai. This space is curated around the new edition of the Louis Vuitton City Guide dedicated to Shanghai and showcases a selection of the brand’s books, gifts, travel, and lifestyle art collections. During the opening period (October 12th – November 12th), visitors can book a series of offline activities through the Louis Vuitton WeChat mini-program, including book clubs, architectural tours, screenings of classic Shanghai animations and old movies, discussions on the Shanghainese language and jazz music, cultural dialogues, and children’s workshops.

6) Louis Vuitton, the French luxury brand, will host its early autumn men’s fashion show in Hong Kong, China, on November 30th. This marks the first presentation of this collection and the first time Louis Vuitton has held a fashion show in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China.

7) Italian fashion brand Marni collaborates with Chinese designer Zhang Dingyun to create a 2023 autumn-winter joint outerwear collection. This collection continues Zhang Dingyun’s bold and utilitarian design aesthetic and three-dimensional silhouettes, featuring unique patterns, red-black polka dots, and vibrant colors, along with Marni’s signature mohair, soft knit outer layers, and warm down insulation.

8) To celebrate its 130th anniversary, British luxury brand Dunhill is hosting a special mobile exhibition in Shanghai. The exhibition draws inspiration from the Dunhill archive and involves artists Zhang Ding, photographer Trunk Xu, architect Zhuang Ziyu, and media personality Feng Chuxuan.

9) Spanish luxury brand Loewe has launched a jade white glaze jade rabbit crafted by the renowned master Deng Xiping. Deng Xiping is the only national-level expert in the field of colored glaze in Jingdezhen.

10) French luxury brand Balenciaga held the Balenciaga CRUSH-themed afternoon tea event on October 15th at Sanlitun Taikoo Li in Beijing.

Store Expansions

1) Canadian high-end down jacket brand Canada Goose has opened a flagship store at Dalian Olympia 66.

2) Italian luxury brand Versace has opened a flagship store at Dalian Olympia 66.

3) Italian fashion brand Marni has opened a flagship store at Dalian Olympia 66.

4) Italian luxury brand Versace has opened a perfume boutique at Chengdu MixC City.

5) Japanese high-end jewelry brand TASAKI has opened a flagship store at Beijing WF Central.

6) Italian premium fashion brand Max Mara has opened a new store at Shanghai Xingye Taikoo Hui.

7) Swiss luxury leather goods brand Bally has opened a boutique at Shanghai BFC Bund Financial Center.

8) Swiss luxury watch brand Breguet has opened a new store at Nanjing Deji Plaza.

9) Swiss luxury watch brand HUBLOT has opened a boutique at Changsha IFS.

Pop-Up Store Highlights

1) Italian luxury fashion brand Max Mara has opened a pop-up store at Chengdu IFS to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Teddy Bear Coat.

2) Swiss luxury watch brand Vacheron Constantin is hosting the Less’Ential national tour exhibition at Beijing WF Central.

3) Italian luxury brand Versace has opened a pop-up store at Beijing SKP.

4) French high-end accessory brand Roger Vivier has opened a pop-up store at Changsha IFS.

5) Spanish luxury brand Loewe has opened a limited-time boutique for its footwear collection at Shanghai Plaza 66.

6) French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has opened a curated limited-time space at Taikoo Li in Shanghai’s Waitan area.

7) German luxury brand Montblanc has opened a themed pop-up store called The Library Spirit at Xi’an SKP.


1) French luxury accessories brand Roger Vivier has announced Shen Yue as a brand ambassador.\

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