Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking | Latest Luxury Brand News in China – BV Beijing Show, Valentino x COVA Afternoon Tea, and More

8月 08, 2023

Selected by the panel jury at Luxe.CO, the following two brand marketing cases made it to the top of this issue’s Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking:

1) Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta
2) Italian luxury brand Valentino

From July 16 to July 31, the Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking featured a total of 43 updates from 26 luxury brands in the Chinese market. Among them were 9 marketing highlights, 5 store expansions, 24 news pieces about pop-up stores, and 5 endorsements by Chinese celebrities.

–Recommended Case Studies–

1) Bottega Veneta

Case Study: 2023 Winter Collection Fashion Show in Beijing

Bottega Veneta hosted its 2023 Winter Collection fashion show at the Beijing Red Brick Art Gallery following its initial debut in Milan in February.

This show marked Creative Director Matthieu Blazy‘s third collection for Bottega Veneta, serving as the final chapter of the “Italian Trilogy.” Blazy continued to uphold the theme of “craft in motion,” narrating Italy’s journey from the past to the present and future.

Matthieu Blazy and the brand’s headquarters team personally prepared for the grand show in Beijing. Chinese supermodels who were rarely seen walking the runway at the same time, Liu Wen, Du Juan, He Cong, and Zhang Lina, strutted their stuff for the brand. Additionally, Bottega Veneta designed the “Andiamo Handbag China Limited Edition” to underscore the brand’s emphasis on this show and demonstrate its earnest desire to communicate with Chinese consumers.

2) Valentino

Case Study: Valentino x COVA Afternoon Tea

To celebrate the revitalization of its concept store at Shanghai Plaza 66, Valentino collaborated with the Italian dessert shop COVA, launching a co-branded afternoon tea at COVA’s Shanghai Plaza 66. The event will run until August 27.

The entire COVA store was adorned in Valentino’s signature pink color, Pink PP, with the brand’s iconic V-shaped logo incorporated into the afternoon tea presentation. Notably, the facade of Shanghai Plaza 66 was also draped in Valentino’s pink hue.

Last year, the iconic Anaya Auditorium was also adorned in Pink PP, and Valentino opened a Pink PP pop-up exhibition and café in Anaya. With multiple instances of pink visual marketing, it is expected that the sight of Pink PP will evoke associations with Valentino.

It is worth mentioning that recently, Kering Group announced its acquisition of a 30% stake in Valentino for 1.7 billion euros, and it holds the option to acquire the remaining shares before 2028.

–Marketing Highlights–

3) British luxury brand Dunhill collaborated with Maybach and hosted an evening banquet party at Sunke Villa in Shanghai.

4) Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana partnered with Chinese artist SANTU SONG to launch a limited edition collection for the 2023 Qixi Festival.

5) French luxury brand Givenchy collaborated with fashion blogger Tao Liang (Mr. Bags) to introduce the Givenchy Voyou series handbag – Mr. Bags Special Edition. This marks the third collaboration between Bag Man and Givenchy.

6) Italian luxury brand Gucci organized a limited-time HIGH-END customization event at its Hangzhou Tower store. The public had the opportunity to select exclusive Gucci fabrics, prints, embroidery patches, and accessories to customize their bags, footwear, or clothing.

7) French luxury brand Givenchy launched a “Limited-time Challenge” game on their mini-program.

8) The French silverware house, Christofle, collaborated with Mandarin oriental Wangfujing Beijing to create a joint menu inspired by MOOD Christofle Egg and MOOD Christofle Coffee, offering a “Leisurely French Summer Mood” dining experience.

9) Maison Margiela, the French luxury fashion house, hosted an exhibition space in Shanghai JC Plaza with a theme inspired by American Highway Stories.

–Store Expansion/Renovation Updates–

1) Swiss independent watch brand Breitling opened a boutique store at Dalian Olympia 66, marking the brand’s first establishment in Dalian.

2) Chinese luxury brand SHANG XIA opened a new store at Shanghai Bund Finance Center.

3) Italian luxury brand Versace introduced its first independent fragrance boutique in Shenzhen MixC.

3) Italian high-end jewelry and watch brand BVLGARI unveiled a new store in Shenzhen MixC.

5) Italian luxury brand Fendi opened a new store at Chongqing MixC.

–Pop-up Store Updates–

1) Italian luxury brand Prada opened a pop-up store at Landmark in Hong Kong.

2) Swiss luxury watch brand Vacheron Constantin held a limited exhibition showcasing its limited edition timepieces and masterful quadriptychs at their Landmark store in Hong Kong.

3) Italian luxury brand Tod’s launched a limited-time store for their 2023 Early Autumn collection in Harbour City, Hong Kong.

4) High-end Japanese pearl brand MIKIMOTO established a “130th Anniversary Commemorative Pop-Up Store” at the International Finance Center in Hong Kong.

5) Prada opened a temporary store at MixC in Shenzhen.

6) Belgian luxury leather goods brand Delvaux held an interactive exhibition at Beijing SKP to pay tribute to Marguerite, celebrating its 125th anniversary.

7) French silverware brand Christofle showcased a limited-time exhibition at Beijing’s China World Mall.

8) Gucci opened a temporary store at Beijing SKP for the Qixi Festival.

9) Louis Vuitton set up a Qixi Festival limited-time space at Beijing’s WF Central.

10) Chinese luxury brand SHANG XIA launched a limited-time experiential space at the atrium of Shanghai Bund Finance Center South Zone.

11) Versace opened a limited-time pop-up store at Shanghai Grand Gateway 66.

12) Dior opened the DIOR TEARS limited-time boutique in Shanghai Zhang Yuan, featuring a giant inflatable art installation.

13) Louis Vuitton presented a Qixi Festival limited-time space at Shanghai IFC Mall.

14) Maison Margiela collaborated with lifestyle concept store Little B to launch a Qixi pop-up store at Little B’s Jing’an Kerry Centre store in Shanghai.

15) Louis Vuitton set up a Qixi Festival limited-time space at Shenyang MixC.

16) Versace opened the Versace La Vacanza Summer Resort limited-time boutique at Xiamen MixC.

17) Louis Vuitton presented a Qixi Festival limited-time space at Wuxi Center 66.

18) Louis Vuitton set up a Qixi Festival limited-time space at Nanjing Deji Plaza.

19) Celine opened a limited-time store at Galaxy Macau featuring the PLEIN SOLEIL Summer Capsule Collection.

20) Swiss luxury watch brand Roger Dubuis held a super watch exhibition at Dennis David City in Zhengzhou.

21) Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot opened the “Hublot Loves Summer” limited-time pop-up store at Taikoo Hui in Guangzhou.

22) Swiss independent watch brand Breitling held a limited-time Breitling Aviation Timing Exhibition at Chengdu IFS.

23) French luxury brand Cartier opened a limited-time space with timeless elegance in Baoding.

24) Italian luxury brand Valentino hosted the “PINK PP Limited City Camping” flash event at Breeze Nan Shan in Taipei.

–Endorsement Updates–

1) Spanish luxury brand Loewe announced Leo Wu as their brand ambassador.

2) Swiss luxury brand Bally declared Roy Wang as their global brand ambassador.

3) Italian luxury brand Gucci named Wen Qi as their brand ambassador and unveiled a special Qixi Festival collection.

4) Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta announced Zhou Yutong as their brand friend.

5) Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta also appointed Mika Hashizume as a friend of their brand.

|Image Credit: Brand’s official WeChat/Weibo accounts.

|Editor: Elisa.