Orange Bay Education Launches New Website

12月 29, 2023

Orange Bay Education‘s Official Website ( Undergoes Upgrade, Enhancing Online Course Learning Experience, Aiming to Become a World-Class Education Technology Brand.

Mission: Cultivating Fashion Innovators

Founded in 2017 by Luxeplace, Orange Bay Education aims to address the biggest pain point in the fashion industry’s upgrade: talent, through innovative educational products. It has completed thousands of hours of teaching, with nearly 1,500 people participating in various Orange Bay courses online and offline.

Orange Bay Education has long studied the fashion industry’s evolution, focusing on brand establishment, innovation, and investment. It has independently developed a series of business cases with different themes, creating a unique teaching system in China’s fashion and business education sectors.

Screenshot of Orange Bay Education’s “Ace Course” – Orange Bay Advanced Management Course “Luxury Brands” online course page

Adhering to a rigorous and solid style, Orange Bay’s research on brands significantly surpasses the depth of media coverage and transcends the conventional narratives of the brands themselves. By exhaustively examining historical materials, comparing and contrasting, and refining the essence, Orange Bay highlights the most decisive moments in the long history of brands, revealing the intrinsic logic and profound impact of these moments.

Simultaneously, Orange Bay instructors diligently extract relevant and significant issues from these case studies, pertinent to contemporary fashion professionals. This approach helps students to clear their knowledge blind spots and expand their skill sets.

Focus:Exclusive Fashion Brand Case Studies

Brand Cases” are the cornerstone of Orange Bay Education. The internal teaching team has developed 500+ excellent brand cases from home and abroad, covering every niche of the fashion industry.

Example of Orange Bay Education Case Study “Matrix”

Based on its brand case study library, Orange Bay Education currently offers five “Advanced Management Courses” online modules:

1. Luxury Brands (Approx. 25 hours video duration):

  • Orange Bay Education’s flagship course, a global first.
  • It includes 15 global representative brand cases and an independently developed “Luxury Brand Industry Overview Course.”

2. Sports and Outdoor (Approx. 25 hours video duration):

  • A mandatory course on high-end sports and outdoor brands becoming fashionable.
  • The course includes 18 global representative brand cases + 1 lecture on “Global Sports and Outdoor Investment Trends.”

3. Fashion Entrepreneurship in Twelve Steps (Approx. 12 hours video duration):

  • Orange Bay Education’s exclusive “Twelve Steps of Fashion Entrepreneurship” methodology.
  • The course includes theoretical lessons, 13 global representative brand cases, and 12 self-checklists.

4. Beauty and Personal Care (Approx. 22 hours video duration):

  • A comprehensive view of the global beauty and personal care industry.
  • The course includes 32 global representative brand cases + 1 lecture on “International Beauty and Personal Care Brand Investment and Acquisition Cases.”

5. Designer and Fashion Brands (Approx. 12 hours video duration):

  • Understanding the success factors of designer brands.
  • The course includes 20 global representative brand cases + 1 lecture on “Designer Brand Entrepreneurship Methodology.”

With the new website launch, students from various fields and career stages can select courses based on professional needs or personal interests, charging up anytime, anywhere.

Aiming to Become a Global Leader in Education Technology

The new website marks another milestone for Orange Bay. With the goal of becoming a global leader in education technology, Orange Bay will continue to introduce more themed courses, covering a broader range of fashion brand cases, while constantly optimizing user experience. This will enable students from all over China and abroad to learn anytime, anywhere, cultivating more excellent innovative talents for the fashion industry.

About Orange Bay Education

Orange Bay Education was founded in Beijing by Luxe.CO in the spring of 2017. Pioneeringly bringing world-class business education into China’s fashion industry, combined with cutting-edge entrepreneurial training, Orange Bay is committed to creating a leading global fashion business education system. It builds a strong learning community, nurturing future backbone forces for the fashion and lifestyle industries.

  • Orange Bay Courses

The Orange Bay teaching team has independently developed a case study library covering 500+ outstanding domestic and international brands. Based on this, five major modules of advanced management courses have been launched: Luxury Brands, Sports and Outdoor, Beauty and Personal Care, Designer and Fashion Brands, and Fashion Entrepreneurship in Twelve Steps.

  • Orange Bay Reading List

Orange Bay Education promotes intensive and systematic reading, encouraging students to continuously accumulate and refine knowledge, better understand themselves and the world, inspire creativity, and enjoy the journey of endless exploration.

  • Orange Bay Corporate Training

Orange Bay offers targeted training for Chinese and overseas companies, helping them learn from the best: understanding the success of brand upgrades, high-end positioning, and building globally strong brands; learning innovative practices in niche areas; and inspiring team creativity. Clients include top companies in the apparel, commercial real estate, and beauty industries.

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