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Founded in 1951 in the coastal town of Varberg, Sweden, Tenson AB is an outdoor and lifestyle brand deeply rooted on the west coast of Sweden.

7月 04, 2023

General Atlantic first partnered with ABG in October 2017, and with this transaction, their total investment in ABG has reached nearly $2 billion.

7月 03, 2023

ABG announced that The Batra Group and Marc Fisher Footwear are the core partners for the Hunter brand in key geographic markets.

6月 06, 2023

According to another source cited by Sky News, the valuation of the Hunter deal could reach as high as £100 million, significantly surpassing initial expectations.

5月 17, 2023

Vince stated that its net sales for the 2022 fiscal year increased by 10.8% YoY to $357.4 million.

4月 28, 2023

According to the terms of the transaction, WHP Global will acquire the Bonobos brand for $50 million, while EXPR will acquire Bonobos’ operating assets for $25 million and assume related liabilities.

4月 21, 2023

Scotch & Soda and its products will continue to thrive in major markets, including the Netherlands, thanks to this acquisition.

3月 30, 2023

WHP’s brand portfolio in three verticals has generated over $6.5 billion in global retail sales.

3月 10, 2023