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This Prada campaign featuring Jia Ling as the brand ambassador was shot by renowned fashion photographer Wang Ziqian. The campaign uses a handheld photography style to document an interview, delving into Jia Ling’s thoughts and feelings as a creator.

6月 06, 2024

Apart from his exploits on the football field, Cristiano Ronaldo is also an avid watch collector.

7月 17, 2023

All Dr. Barbara Sturm products are made in Germany, with prices ranging from $35 for scalp serum to $850 for men’s anti-aging sets. Dr. Sturm aims to provide hydration and rejuvenation services for people of all ages and skin types, and her products are highly praised for improving skin problems such as wrinkles and enlarged pores.

5月 04, 2023

The estimated value of the transaction is approximately USD 15 million.

2月 09, 2023

This shop also marks the fourth independent store the brand has opened worldwide. The other three branches can be found in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

1月 26, 2023