TAG: female entrepreneur

SOS sets up vending machines in high-traffic areas to provide consumers with timely access to personal care and health products.

6月 28, 2023

GetHarley positions itself as an affordable customized solution, bridging the gap between consumers and qualified skincare experts, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons, while also providing personalized skincare products.

6月 09, 2023

As early as 2021, L Catterton partners Michael Farello and Jonathan Owsley had personally invested $2.6 million in Dibs Beauty.

4月 29, 2023

Luna Daily’s vision is to empower women with more choices and greater autonomy in their body and personal care.

4月 14, 2023

House of M Beauty, founded by Vietnamese immigrant Anne Nguyen Oliver in 2019, is a skincare brand that specializes in saffron-infused products.

3月 28, 2023