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Postbiotics, also known as “postbiotics” or “paraprobiotics,” are a rapidly emerging segment within the gut health market.

7月 06, 2023

SOS sets up vending machines in high-traffic areas to provide consumers with timely access to personal care and health products.

6月 28, 2023

Chopra Global is placed at the intersection of explosive global markets: Ayurveda, meditation, and integrated healing, and is poised to become the leading provider in this space.

3月 13, 2023

Jamieson Wellness is one of the world’s leading VMS (vitamins, minerals, and supplements) companies and the owner of Canada’s top consumer health brand.

3月 08, 2023

It has been reported that for over a year now, Berry has been consistently using Pendulum’s gut health product Akkermansia and metabolic support product Metabolic Daily.

2月 24, 2023

COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped people’s perceptions of health, with more focus on introspection, science, and being more eco-friendly by caring more about their surroundings and earth and seeking meaningful, effective health solutions.

2月 14, 2023