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National Geographic Apparel: The Authorized Collaboration between South Korean Fashion Group The Nature Holdings and National Geographic.

5月 23, 2023

Cowell Fashion Company will now have the rights to use the SuperDry brand in their home market of South Korea, as well as other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including China.

3月 23, 2023

Solus has a number of biotechnology products, such as: ceramide, phytosphingosine, hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine, etc., as well as related technologies in the extraction of natural retinol.

2月 23, 2023

Morgan Stanley estimates, South Korea’s total spending on personal luxury goods in 2022 grew by 24% to US$16.8 billion, or about US$325 per capita. This is much higher than China’s US$55 and the US’s US$280 per capita spending.

1月 27, 2023