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The major shareholder of Jiangsu Chuangjian Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is its founder and CEO, Qian Song, who directly holds 48.43% of Trautec’s shares.

1月 12, 2024

Hengli Group operates through four main entities: Jiangsu Hengli Chemical Fiber, Jiangsu Deli Chemical Fiber, Kanghui New Material Technology, Jiangsu Hengke New Material.

7月 21, 2023

According to Bolt Threads CEO Dan Widmaier, since the launch of Mylo in 2018, it has been “devastatingly close” to reaching commercial scale. However, economic downturn, inflation, and reduced financing opportunities have caused it to deviate from its intended path.

7月 11, 2023

Werewool primarily utilizes protein DNA technology to develop sustainable fiber fabrics with natural colors and elasticity.

5月 22, 2023

Upwell Cosmetics’ motto is “Sea Forward” because the founders believe that the future of sustainable ingredients and materials lies in the ocean. This motto expresses the company’s commitment to valuing and utilizing ocean resources in a sustainable manner.

4月 19, 2023

Carbonwave leads the way in commercial research on seaweed, extracting unique biopolymers through patented technologies. These eco-friendly alternatives to fossil-based materials are used as emulsifiers, textiles, and plastics, revolutionizing the beauty and personal care industry.

4月 18, 2023

Over 50% of FILA’s footwear products are now packaged sustainably.

3月 29, 2023

Moving forward, Genomatica will leverage its validated biotech platform, using proprietary engineered microbes to produce fermentation-based plant sugars for the sustainable production of surfactant ingredients.

3月 22, 2023