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The net revenue growth in the mainland China market increased by 56%, or 60% when calculated at a fixed USD exchange rate.

3月 29, 2024

Lululemon is expected to open approximately 55 new stores globally in the 2023 fiscal year, with the majority of them planned for China.

12月 15, 2023

Wealthy consumers are still flocking to buy Lululemon’s tops, yoga pants, and shorts, boosting both online and brick-and-mortar store traffic.

3月 30, 2023

After this news was sent out, as of the close on January 9, lululemon’s share price fell 9.29% to $298.66 from the previous trading day, and the current company’s market value is about $38.084 billion.

1月 11, 2023

In the reported fiscal year, lululemon’s Power of Three x2 growth plan performs well in all three key pillars.

12月 11, 2022