Analyzing Swire Properties’ 2022 Annual Report: Operations and Investment Direction of Taikoo Li and Taikoo Hui

3月 13, 2023

On March 9, Swire Properties Limited (HK.01972) released its 2022 annual results, reporting a 15.27% YoY decline in operating revenue to HKD 13.826 billion and a 9% YoY decline in attributable profit to shareholders of HKD 8.706 billion. According to the financial report, the group’s main source of revenue was property investment, accounting for nearly 90% of total revenue at HKD 12.34 billion, including HKD 6 billion in office rental income and HKD 5.85 billion in retail property rental income.

The group stated that mainland China is currently one of the main sources of revenu …