Exclusive | Luxe.CO Intelligence Releases “2023 Outdoor Brands China Power Ranking”

12月 05, 2023

Over the past few years, more and more Chinese people have integrated outdoor sports into their lifestyles, from mountaineering and skiing to camping, cycling, fishing, and even city walks. Outdoor sports not only signify embracing nature and breaking limits but have also become a preferred method for young people to de-stress, relax, and engage in social leisure activities.

Meanwhile, outdoor brands in China are seizing the opportunity to strengthen their presence in the market. Established brands continue to delve deeper, evolving in various aspects such as store design, content dissemination, and marketing activities, presenting themselves in more fashionable, diverse, and multi-dimensional ways. Emerging Chinese outdoor brands are continually cropping up, and niche overseas brands are accelerating their entry into the market.

On the occasion of the autumn and winter outdoor activity season, Luxe.CO‘s fashion industry research institution, Luxe.CO Intelligence, has launched the significant “Outdoor Brands China Power Ranking 2023.”

This exclusive list is based on the comprehensive and real-time coverage of brand public activities by Tong.Luxe.CO, including 616 Chinese activities of 102 outdoor brands from November 1, 2022, to October 31, 2023 (involving store expansion, pop-up stores, collaborations highly relevant to the Chinese market, holiday marketing, spokespersons, e-commerce/collection store entries, and more). Using Luxe.CO Intelligence’s exclusive research results, different weights were assigned to different types of brand activities, and after weighting and scoring each activities, a comprehensive ranking of all the recorded brands was conducted.

The TOP 10 ranking is as follows:

To learn about the brands ranked 11-20 in the “Outdoor Brands China Power Ranking 2023 please download the full report.

The full report will reveal:

  • More international brands officially entering the Chinese market: DUVETICA, for instance, opened 11 stores in just two months across ten cities; icebreaker opened its first national store in the Dongcheng District of Beijing at Raffles City.
  • Local emerging brands are also starting to set up physical stores: “NINETEEN FORTY,” a high-end cycling lifestyle brand under Shanghai Forever, opened its first offline store in Shanghai’s Sun House.
  • International brands that entered the Chinese market earlier are accelerating their expansion, opening more “first stores” and new concept stores: SALOMON opened 14 new stores in the past year, the most of any brand; The North Face opened six new concept stores in the last year.
  • Outdoor brands are entering more diverse outdoor scenes, creating “immersive” experiences: SALOMON collaborated with Starbucks to open a pop-up store in Gaoligong Mountain, Baoshan City, Yunnan; ARC’TERYX held a show in Songzan Xianggeli Lincang.

Apart from objectively reflecting the expansion efforts of global outdoor brands in the Chinese market over the past year, the Luxe.CO Intelligence “Outdoor Brands China Power Ranking 2023” also distills a series of the latest marketing trends in the outdoor field:

  • Outdoor x Automobiles: Targeting High-End Audiences
  • Outdoor x Food and Beverage: Expanding into the Mass Market
  • Outdoor x Movies: Capitalizing on Entertainment Trends
  • Outdoor Brand Runways: Innovative Runway Locations
  • Sponsoring Sports Events: Establishing a Professional Image and Connecting with Hardcore Fans
  • Hotels, Camps, Lifestyle Festivals: Creating Immersive Brand Experiences
  • Comprehensive Implementation of Sustainable Concepts

The detailed table of contents is as follows:

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