Hang Lung Properties’ Record Mainland Rental Income and Doubled Sales at Plaza 66 in H1

Aug 08, 2023

Hang Lung Properties Limited (HK: 00101) and Hang Lung Group Limited (HK: 00010) announced their performance for the first half of 2023, ending on June 30. Due to the depreciation of the Renminbi and the absence of property sales revenue (comprised entirely of property rental income), Hang Lung Properties’ total income decreased by 1% year-on-year to HKD 5.237 billion, while Hang Lung Group’s total income fell by 1% to HKD 5.525 billion.
However, Hang Lung Properties saw a 3% increase in operating profit, reaching HKD 3.824 billion, and a significant 22.9% YoY growth in ne …