How did ARC’TERYX Put On a Show “Without a Trace” at 3,000 Meters High?

4月 01, 2023

On 28th Feburary, ARC’TERYX held an event called “Towards Beauty and Upward” in Shangri-la Linka, Yunnan. ARC’TERYX brought the runway to a high-altitude valley at 3,300 meters, where mountaineers, Tibetan youth, and professional models showcased multiple generations of iconic outdoor products, unveiling the first ARC’TERYX X Songtsam co-branded product “Kawagarbo” series.
From the Songtsam Linka Hotel to the valley runway behind the Songtsamling Temple, one must pass through three large barley racks. The bones of ARC’TERYX gradually too …