Luxe.CO Intelligence Presents Report “Prada in 2023”

1月 03, 2024

On December 7th, the Italian luxury brand Prada officially unveiled its major exhibition “Pradasphere II” at the START Xingmei Art Museum in Shanghai. Beyond fashion, this exhibition also encompasses Prada’s collaborations in art, architecture, culture, and sports, demonstrating Prada’s consistent pursuit of interaction with a diverse world.

In the latest Top 100 Interbrand 2023 Best Global Brands released in November, Prada, with a 12% increase in brand value, became the fastest-growing brand among the 10 listed luxury brands.

Interbrand commented, “Luxury companies are striving to transcend traditional markets and are expanding their brand influence through new partnerships, product launches, and consumer experiences in virtual universes, creating new meanings and values for new customers.”

Prada, through its persistent cross-disciplinary initiatives in art, culture, science, sports, and other fields, has been innovatively fuelling the consolidation and growth of its brand assets.

Luxe.CO’s fashion industry research institute, Luxe.CO Intelligence, has newly launched the annual luxury brand series report “Prada in 2023.”

This report, based on comprehensive and real-time public dynamic data of the brand covered by Tong.Luxe.CO, records 190 major activities of Prada from January 1 to December 22, 2023, in and outside China, involving retail stores, product innovation, supply chain, and public relations advertising (including brand exhibitions, pop-ups, cultural and artistic activities, sustainability activities, advertising, fashion shows, spokespersons, etc.) in four major aspects.

Based on these activities, we will outline the specific measures taken by this 110-year-old classic luxury brand in the past year to amplify brand presence and solidify brand value, hoping to provide industry insiders with practical references and inspiration for high-end brand building.

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According to Prada Group’s official financial report, as of June 30, 2023, the Prada brand has 426 directly-operated stores and 22 franchised stores, an increase of 4 and 1 respectively compared to the end of December 2022. However, the official global store opening situation for the second half of 2023 has not yet been disclosed. As of December 22, 2023, Luxe.CO Intelligence tracked 18 store-related activities of the Prada brand in mainland China in 2023:

  • 2 new fashion boutiques and 1 leather goods and accessories boutique
  • 3 fashion boutiques re-opened after renovation
  • 5 fragrance specialty stores opened
  • 7 comprehensive fragrance and beauty stores newly opened

In August 2023, Prada officially expanded its new beauty line, including makeup and skincare. This marks Prada’s return to the beauty field after 15 years. Prada first collaborated with the Spanish cosmetics manufacturer Puig in 2003 to expand into the perfume business and chose not to renew the cooperation agreement in 2018. In 2019, Prada signed a new licensing agreement with L’Oréal Group, starting cooperation from January 2021. In 2022, L’Oréal Group helped Prada relaunch its beauty business, Prada Beauty.

Over the past year, Prada has continued to be actively engaged in the fields of art, culture, sports, and sustainability, implementing the “fundamental logic” described by the third-generation head of the Prada family, Miuccia Prada: “Prada’s fundamental logic is that we need to make culture and art more attractive. If we cannot produce attractive culture and art, no one will listen to us.”

As of December 20, 2023, Prada has held a total of 74 major offline events globally, including 39 pop-up events, 16 cultural and artistic activities, 8 sustainability activities, and 7 sports sponsorships, involving:

  • Pop-ups: Prada Tropico tropical-themed pop-ups, Prada Reporter exhibition pop-ups, etc.
  • Cultural and artistic activities: art exhibitions, art talks, movie-themed events, club/live performances, etc.
  • Sports sponsorships: stunt flying, skiing, street skateboarding, canoeing, Chinese women’s football, etc.

Please click here to download the full report in Chinese (available exclusively to subscribers).

The detailed contents of “Prada in 2023” are as follows:

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