Luxeplace Exclusive | How to Become a Luxury Brand? CEO Quotes II

11月 14, 2023

“It was about achieving this fusion, a delicate balance between the modernity of China and drawing inspiration from its rich culture, history, and symbolism. This approach is quite unique and not commonly found in the market. I have the presentation for analysis, and I’d like to emphasize that we find ourselves in a unique position.

In the jewelry segment, there are well-established Western international brands, and there’s also a substantial market for traditional Chinese jewelry, particularly gold, which holds significant cultural value. We, on the other hand, stand at the crossroads, harmonizing the two worlds. We possess a distinctly Chinese essence, embracing the soul of China, while also embracing Chinese modernity.

It’s worth noting that successful brands often have a signature element that sets them apart and makes them instantly recognizable.”

“I have a passion for numbers, a deep interest in building strong brands, and a strong desire to achieve significant sales. However, I believe that before diving into business, it’s essential to establish a clear value proposition and have a well-defined mission and vision. Business success naturally follows when these foundational elements are in place.”

“There is one paradox that is very linked to our industry. It is that luxury has a time that is much longer than business and return on investments, because all luxury brands have been built through the years, through the centuries with a long path to convincing the client that they were worth that money.”