Orange Bay Launched Sustainable Fashion Workshop

1月 12, 2024

Orange Bay Education has launched the “Orange Bay Sustainable Fashion Executive Program,” marking the world’s first advanced training course systematically teaching the concept, methodologies, and practical case studies of “Sustainable Fashion” for business managers in the “Grand Fashion” sector. The course is offered in a convenient online video format.

“Sustainable development” has become a major trend across industries. In the fashion industry, sustainable initiatives play a positive role in enhancing product differentiation, establishing a positive corporate image, and attracting new generations of consumers, from industry giants to emerging brands. Investors, mid-to-senior level managers in the fashion industry, and young people aspiring to excel in sustainable fashion should seriously study the theory and practice of “Sustainable Fashion” to lay a solid foundation for meeting future challenges and seizing new business opportunities. is one of China’s earliest information services and research institutions to focus on the topic of “Sustainable Fashion.” Based on’s reporting, research, and knowledge accumulation over the past 10 years, the Orange Bay Education teaching and research team has comprehensively and systematically organized important knowledge points and practical case studies of sustainable fashion, launching the “Orange Bay Sustainable Fashion Executive Program” in a new online video format.

The pioneering significance of the “Orange Bay Sustainable Fashion Executive Program” includes:

  • A global first in building a complete knowledge system of “Sustainable Fashion” based on first principles and continuously iterating it;
  • A panoramic display of sustainable development themes, contexts, and practices in various sub-sectors of the fashion industry, objectively presenting potential challenges and opportunities;
  • Integrating fragmented information on “Sustainable Fashion” into a coherent whole, taught through online videos, providing industry professionals with a convenient and in-depth one-stop learning opportunity.

By studying the “Orange Bay Sustainable Fashion Executive Program,” students will gain the following:

  • Mastery of basic concepts and principles of sustainable development in the fashion industry;
  • Understanding of the most cutting-edge sustainable practices in six popular sectors: luxury brands, jewelry and watches, sports and outdoor, beauty and personal care, apparel and accessories, and wine and spirits;
  • Insights into how global leading fashion companies and brands develop sustainable strategies and build ecosystems;
  • Knowledge of product features, business models, and development paths of global sustainable supply chain companies;
  • Ideas and inspiration for “sustainable” product innovation and marketing communication.

Course Introduction

The “Orange Bay Sustainable Fashion Executive Program” covers over 100 fashion brands and enterprises. Here are some examples:

  • Total price for 10 sessions: 2999 RMB (the first session is a free trial)
  • Total duration: About 7 hours (detailed duration of each session is listed in the course schedule above)

Course benefits (for details, please contact “Orange Bay Assistant” on WeChat, WeChat ID: 18813194320):

  • Each student who purchases the course can claim a hardcover handout, with the earliest shipment in February 2024
  • Students who complete 100% of the course will receive a “Completion Certificate for the Advanced Workshop on Sustainable Fashion” from Orange Bay Education (paper version).

Course Format: Online video course, available on the Orange Bay Education official website (

Course Purchase and Viewing Page: Click here

Course Validity Period: 365 days

* Considering the nature of online courses, all educational products are non-refundable once sold.

Course Consultation:

For issues regarding the issuance of electronic invoices, corporate bulk purchase, claiming of hardcover handouts, and certificate application, please consult “Orange Bay Assistant” (WeChat/Phone 18813194320)

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