TAG: sustainability

Consinee produce more than 7000 tons of cashmere yarn per year, of which recycled cashmere can reach about 100 tons.

6月 17, 2024

Porsche plans to launch its largest-ever product release offensive in the company’s history in 2024.

4月 23, 2024

This is the world’s first advanced training course for management professionals in the “high fashion” industry, systematically delivering the concepts, methods, and practical cases of “sustainable fashion.”

1月 12, 2024

Major brands are practicing sustainability in every aspect, from booth layout and installation design to products, packaging, and recycling. Many brands have introduced patented technologies or innovations for the first time, attempting to address the chronic issues in the fashion industry.

11月 14, 2023

The two key prerequisites for sustainable technology to be accepted by the market are that its performance should not be worse, and its price should not be higher.

11月 14, 2023

Lorenzo Bertelli, the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Prada Group, is one of the driving forces behind the SEA BEYOND project. He stated, “Through SEA BEYOND, we continue to advance our educational objectives, which is the only way forward. The cost of prevention is always lower than the cost of solving problems.”

11月 02, 2023

“We are committed to blending watchmaking craftsmanship with the materials we excel in, in a more instinctive, contemporary, and creative way. We are not bound by the past; our tradition is innovation.”

11月 02, 2023

“Our fundamental belief is that when we focus on building our brand’s strength, engaging with our clients, taking care of our people, and integrating a long-term perspective in everything we do, our financial performance will follow.”

7月 21, 2023