TAG: craftsmanship

Hermès employs nearly 20,000 employees worldwide, with approximately one-fourth of them being leather craftsmen.

10月 25, 2023

Italian investment holding company Hind SpA’s subsidiary, Holding Moda, which focuses on acquisitions in the fashion industry, is set to continue investing in the Italian supply chain and launch its third apprenticeship program.

6月 19, 2023

Nuti Ivo Group has a long-standing tradition in the manufacturing field, specializing in leather products since its establishment in 1955. It has emerged as one of the most prominent leaders in the international leather industry.

6月 02, 2023

The company is consistently increasing investment in its design department, remaining committed to local production in Italy, and collaborating with textile education institutions to enhance artisanal textile craftsmanship.

3月 17, 2023