TAG: Luxe.CO Founder’s Talk

In this edition of Luxe.CO Founder’s Talk we delve into the reflections of this Beijing-based entrepreneur as she reviews the ninth year of her entrepreneurial journey and the fifth year of formal company operations. As the top executive of the company, how does she lead the brand through iterative upgrades?

8月 13, 2023

Through in-depth conversations with Guan Lin, we have gained three important insights into the growth of designer brands: being grounded allows managers to have a good “feel” for things, gathering popularity enables the brand to have broad appeal, and resonating with the emotions of the times allows consumers to follow in harmony.

8月 01, 2023

Luxe.CO Founder’s Talk sets off! Luxe.CO had an in-depth conversation with Luo Yuan, the co-founder of RE Riding is Living, a lifestyle cycling brand.

7月 23, 2023