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Sophia Wu, CEO of SHANG XIA, elaborated on the brand’s latest strategic moves to Luxeplace.com and sincerely shared her management insights and reflections since taking office.

4月 15, 2024

“We need to show more resilience, we need more engines, and one of them is certainly China, as we see the rise of the middle class. The primary goal is to establish visibility and credibility in the Chinese market.”

4月 03, 2024

Luxe.Co Intelligence released a brand new research report! Fragrance and Beauty Brands in High-End Hotels.

8月 18, 2023

Luxeplace.com will release monthly updates on newly opened luxury and boutique hotels worldwide.

7月 24, 2023

Taking root in the mountains and forests of the Heavenly Kingdom.

5月 07, 2023

Karl Lagerfeld once stated, “I have designed the entire hotel. It’s the first time for me. I think it’s a great idea.”

5月 04, 2023

This villa is reportedly priced at around $7,300 per night, making it one of the most unique and exclusive accommodation options in Bali.

3月 29, 2023