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In the fiercely competitive sports and outdoor field, the four top cases of Li-Ning, Arc’teryx, Kolon Sport, and Vibram effectively illustrate two important trends: “tracing back to roots” and “breaking boundaries.”

7月 15, 2024

In the second quarter of 2024, Anta brand retail sales recorded high single-digit growth year-on-year.

7月 11, 2024

lululemon CEO stated, “In terms of brand awareness, except for the domestic market in Canada, our independent brand awareness in every country/region we operate in is still very low.”

6月 14, 2024

The CEO stated that the Chinese market has significant growth potential in store expansion, digital business, and brand awareness.

6月 12, 2024

Sun Choe joined lululemon in December 2016 as Senior Vice President of Merchandising (SVP, Merchandising) and was promoted to Chief Product Officer (CPO) in 2018.

5月 29, 2024

The brand hopes that in the coming years, sales in the Chinese market alone will account for over 10% of the total.

5月 21, 2024

Adidas has announced that former American professional female basketball player Candace Parker will assume the role of President of the Brand’s Women’s Basketball Business.

5月 15, 2024

Shenzhen, one of China’s most developed cities, is known for its high-intensity, fast-paced lifestyle, which has spurred a strong need among its residents to relieve stress through “consumption.” The city is densely populated with high-income individuals, which not only favors fashion luxury goods but also makes high-end experiential consumption and social activities particularly popular there.

5月 10, 2024