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In the Greater China region, the Arc’Teryx self-operated retail stores boast a per-square-meter efficiency of over $2,000, which is twice that of North America!

1月 30, 2024

ANTA Group’s subsidiary, Amer Sports, is officially making a push for the New York Stock Exchange, with Arc’Teryx representing nearly half of its revenue in the Greater China region!

1月 11, 2024

Based on the 113 valid questionnaires collected this time, Luxe.CO Intelligence has specially created 6 charts.

12月 27, 2023

“If Adidas wants to win over more consumers, we need to introduce more mass-market (go down) products without losing high performance,”

12月 19, 2023

Lululemon is expected to open approximately 55 new stores globally in the 2023 fiscal year, with the majority of them planned for China.

12月 15, 2023

Integrating four years of data to illuminate global investment trends in the sports and outdoor sector.

12月 06, 2023

GIC’s ownership stake in Li-Ning has increased from 4.81% to 5.11%.

11月 08, 2023

Li-Ning’s latest performance fell short of expectations, causing the stock price to drop by over 20%.

10月 31, 2023

From August 2, 2023, to August 17, 2023, Luxe.CO Sports & Outdoor Brand List section of the magazine has compiled a total of 33 latest developments from 28 sports and outdoor brands/companies in the Chinese market.

8月 30, 2023