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The same-store sales in the Asia-Pacific region increased by 3% in the fiscal year 2024, but experienced a 17% decrease in the fourth quarter.

5月 20, 2024

Why did the largest commercial complex under LVMH’s DFS settle in Yalong Bay, Sanya?

4月 17, 2024

Hainan remains the operational core of China Duty Free Group (CDFG). Revenue from the Hainan region increased by 14.3% year-on-year to 39.65 billion RMB, contributing 58.7% to the company’s total revenue.

4月 03, 2024

In the fourth quarter, revenue reached 16.739 billion yuan, representing a year-on-year growth of 11.09%.

1月 17, 2024

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, Chinese travelers accounted for 4% of passengers at Dubai International Airport but contributed to 17% of the sales revenue in Dubai Duty Free.

1月 16, 2024

The cdf Sanya International Duty-Free City primarily focuses on high-end fragrances and beauty products, introducing a total of 132 fragrance brands.

1月 04, 2024

Chinese consumers’ enthusiasm for purchasing luxury goods overseas is gradually rekindling. However, factors such as increased overseas travel costs and further improvements in the domestic luxury goods consumption environment have prevented overseas luxury shopping from returning to pre-pandemic levels.

12月 26, 2023

In terms of average spending, Chinese tourists had the highest expenditure at 1541 euros (+14%).

11月 08, 2023

The overall growth of the high-end beauty business in mainland China has slowed down, as evidenced by the current pre-sale stage data for the Double Eleven shopping festival.

11月 06, 2023