Luxeplace.com’s on-site visit to explore how Hermès consistently strengthens its localization strategy.

6月 26, 2024

lululemon CEO stated, “In terms of brand awareness, except for the domestic market in Canada, our independent brand awareness in every country/region we operate in is still very low.”

6月 14, 2024

The CEO stated that the Chinese market has significant growth potential in store expansion, digital business, and brand awareness.

6月 12, 2024

The group is confident about the acquisition of Capri and is committed to actively addressing the lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission, striving to complete the acquisition transaction by 2024.

5月 15, 2024

After the financial report was released, as of the close on February 8, Ralph Lauren’s stock price surged by 16.77% to a near 9-year high of $171.82 per share.

2月 20, 2024

Although the travel expenditures of mainland Chinese tourists continue to rise, they remain below the pre-pandemic levels.

12月 12, 2023

During the second quarter’s golden period, the Asian market also performed well.

11月 16, 2023

In the first quarter, adjusted diluted earnings per share increased by 18% year-on-year to $0.93, surpassing analysts’ expectations of $0.90.

11月 16, 2023