China Duty Free Group Partners with InterContinental Hotel Group to Pioneer Integrated Duty-Free Shopping + Accommodation Services

8月 23, 2023

On August 10th, China Duty Free Group‘s subsidiary, CDF Club, announced a deep collaboration with IHG One Rewards, the global guest loyalty program of InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG). They jointly hosted a press conference themed “Explore the World with IHG, Enjoy CDF” to mark the partnership.

China Duty Free Group highlighted that the two parties will provide mutual premium member benefits through their excellent and stable operational standards and service quality. Focusing on the popular tourist and duty-free consumption market in Hainan, they aim to create a dual supreme experience for global travelers. Starting from Hainan, they plan to expand to the international tourism market, forging a new journey of integrated “Duty-Free Shopping + Luxury Accommodation.”

Chang Zhujun, Executive Deputy General Manager of China Duty Free Group, stated, “With long-term mutual trust and collaboration between China Duty Free Group and InterContinental Hotel Group, this powerful partnership aims to deepen cooperation at the member level. By capitalizing on the thriving tourism and duty-free consumption market in Hainan and radiating globally from this starting point, we are dedicated to crafting a one-stop experience of ‘Duty-Free Shopping + Luxury Accommodation,’ offering reciprocal premium member benefits and creating an exceptional ‘Explore the World with IHG, Enjoy CDF’ journey for consumers.”

Chang Zhujun, Executive Deputy General Manager of China Duty Free Group (third left); Daniel Aylmer, Managing Director of InterContinental Hotels Group Greater China Region (third right); Yu Miao, General Manager of Marketing Department at China Duty Free Group (second left); Hu Yingchun, Chief Marketing Officer of InterContinental Hotels Group Greater China Region (second right); Yang Lin, Director of Marketing Department at China Duty Free Group (first left).

Hu Yingchun, Chief Marketing Officer of IHG Greater China, mentioned, “This extended collaboration between IHG One Rewards and CDF Club is designed to leverage Hainan’s Free Trade Port as an important platform and new highland of reform and opening-up. The goal is to explore new avenues for cultural and tourism consumption by seamlessly integrating duty-free shopping and hotel experiences. The rich and exciting member benefits will open a new chapter of travel shopping for Chinese travelers.”

Against the backdrop of the dual circulation strategy in the domestic and international markets, the duty-free economy serves as a vital intersection, playing a crucial role in attracting consumer inflow and boosting consumption economy. In recent years, China’s duty-free market has experienced rapid development, particularly with intensified policy support in Hainan, significantly enhancing the convenience of offshore duty-free shopping. Apart from enriching the traveler experience, duty-free shopping also inspires new ideas in hotel investment, operational models, and marketing strategies.

Amidst this context, China Duty Free Group and InterContinental Hotel Group, as the world’s largest travel retailer and a leading international hotel group respectively, uphold the principles of “honest operation, quality service” and the corporate mission of “integrity and kindness, sincere guest treatment.” Together, they aim to drive innovative upgrades to the member experience, satisfying the current consumer demand for an integrated “Shopping + Luxury Travel” experience. Furthermore, this partnership will help unlock the potential of innovative consumption and contribute to the comprehensive development of the cultural and tourism industry.

Diamond and Platinum members of China Duty Free Group can enjoy exclusive accommodation benefits at IHG-affiliated hotels in the Hainan region. These benefits include welcome drinks, complimentary room upgrades, 15% off on dining, and late check-out. In addition, Platinum and Diamond members of CDF Club can also enjoy the “InterContinental Ambassador Program” benefits, such as room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, welcome fruits, 15% dining discounts, and late check-out, during stays at over 50 IHG-affiliated luxury InterContinental hotels and resorts in mainland China.

For IHG One Rewards Platinum and Diamond members, there are privileges like priority access to cdf duty-free products at major airports in Hainan (Sanya Phoenix Airport, Haikou Meilan Airport), as well as access to VIP lounges at DUTY ZERO by cdf at Hong Kong International Airport, cdf at The Venetian Macao, and cdf downtown shops in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The comprehensive and integrated “Duty-Free Shopping + Luxury Accommodation” privileges will further provide consumers with a refreshing leisure vacation experience.

As long-term strategic partners, China Duty Free Group and InterContinental Hotel Group are simultaneously deepening their cooperation in the field of hotel investment and development. In 2021, they held a signing ceremony, marking the establishment of two luxury and boutique hotels under IHG – the Regent Hotel Haitang Bay Sanya and the Hotel Indigo Haitang Bay Sanya – located in Phase 1, Lot 2 of Sanya International Duty-Free City. In March of this year, they collaborated again to successfully sign the InterContinental Hotel Haikou West Coast and Hotel Indigo Haikou West Coast, establishing supporting hotels for Haikou International Duty-Free City.

| Source: Official Press Release

| Image Credit: Official Press Release

| Editor: LeZhi