Exclusive | Eight Key Traits of High-End Skincare Consumers in China

10月 26, 2023

Fashion research institution Luxe.CO Intelligence under Luxe.CO shifts its focus to high-end skincare consumption. Exclusively unveiling the 2023 White Paper on Chinese High-End Skincare Consumers.

Additionally, on Tuesday, August 15th, at 2:30 PM (GMT +8), Luxe.CO Intelligence held an online industry forum titled Observations on High-End Skincare Brands in China.

This report is based on a survey of 267 high-end skincare users collected directly by Luxe.CO Intelligence aiming to gain a deep understanding of consumers’ journey from awareness to understanding and ultimately purchasing high-end skincare brands. The goal is to assist brands in accurately identifying user touchpoints and efficiently building brand recognition.

From this report, we observe eight major characteristics of China’s high-end skincare consumers (see details below).

Note: The original report is in Mandarin and available for download exclusively to Luxe.CO subscribers.

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The high-end skincare market in China is experiencing fiercer competition as more overseas luxury brands enter the scene and major beauty conglomerates intensify their efforts.

After the trend of skincare emphasizing ingredients and efficacy, what can continue to resonate with consumers?

We believe that for Chinese high-end consumers, the significance of skincare extends beyond skin alone and has become an integral part of overall physical and mental wellness.

Following the trend, high-end consumers are now returning to rationality. Their choice of skincare brands no longer solely pursues product ingredients but also represents a concern for lifestyle, well-being, and personal expression. This has become a crucial approach for brands to engage consumers.

Therefore, accurately identifying target consumers and defining a clear brand personality has become even more essential for high-end skincare brands.

Eight Major Characteristics of High-End Skincare Consumers:

1. Mature consumers with accumulated wealth.
2. Significant consumption power and willingness.

3. Once committed, they are unlikely to easily change their minds.
4. Brand recognition and distinctiveness greatly influence purchasing decisions.
5. Sceptical of excessive recommendations, they trust Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) more.

6. Possess some understanding of the high-end beauty industry and brand research capability.
7. Lack effective channels to learn about brand stories.
8. Increasing awareness among male consumers, with plans to allocate more budget.

Additionally, on Tuesday, August 15th, at 2:30 PM (GMT+8), Luxe.CO Intelligence held an online industry forum titled Observations on High-End Skincare Brands in China.

During the event, we will interpret two exclusive industry reports released by Luxe.CO Intelligence: Global Luxury Skincare Brands’ Observation in the Chinese Market and 2023 White Paper on Chinese High-End Skincare Consumers.

Two distinguished guests shared insights related to China’s high-end skincare market:

  • Chantecaille Asia Regional General Manager, Harvey Tsao
  • Biologique Recherche China Regional General Manager, Jessie Zhang

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