Exploring Made in Italy at Pitti Uomo with Luxeplace: Exquisite Men’s Fashion Craftsmanship

8月 22, 2023

In Italy, the production of fashion and luxury goods constitutes the second-largest industry, providing nearly 600,000 direct employment opportunities. Globally, the phrase “Made in Italy” has consistently represented exquisite craftsmanship, outstanding design, and superior quality.

Pitti Uomo, originating in Florence, stands as the world’s largest trade fair for men’s fashion. While it assembles distinctive men’s fashion brands from around the world, Italian local brands continue to take center stage. Among the 825 exhibitors at the 104th edition of the event, 59% hailed from Italy. Through the diverse array of men’s fashion products they brought, we catch a glimpse of both the profound tradition and contemporary innovation in Italian men’s fashion craftsmanship.

– Esteemed Major Brands/Manufacturers

Italian luxury brand Brunello Cucinelli showcased their 2024 Spring-Summer men’s collection titled Bohemian Evolution. This collection adopts lightweight and comfortable fabrics and leather with natural textures, washed and bamboo effects, exuding a refreshing summer ambiance. The loose and gentle silhouettes, slightly elongated suit jackets, flowing outerwear, and coats extend in shades of beige, brown, raspberry, turquoise, and light purple, creating a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

Brunello Cucinelli 2024 Spring-Summer Men’s Collection

Amid the current trend of tennis-inspired attire, Brunello Cucinelli also introduced a tennis collection featuring blue and white shirts and knit sweaters, emanating a bright and sunny summer aura.

Italian knitwear brand Gran Sasso carved out a dedicated showroom at the event, presenting their latest assortment of knit polo shirts, sweaters, jackets, T-shirts, beachwear, and footwear as shown below.

Established in 1952, Gran Sasso’s origins trace back to a small family workshop, and it has since evolved into one of Italy’s largest knitwear enterprises. Every Gran Sasso product is meticulously handcrafted in Italy, combining age-old techniques with modern production processes to yield distinctive and highly identifiable products, epitomizing the essence of “Made in Italy.”

Gran Sasso stands as one of Italy’s largest knitwear manufacturers, boasting a workforce of 800 individuals. Its eponymous brand has grown significantly through the robust supply chain of Gran Sasso. Presently, their products are sold through multi-brand stores, and plans for standalone outlets are in progress. Gianluca Di Stefano, a third-generation family member, shared with us on-site that his 91-year-old grandfather continues the habit of working at the factory every morning.

Gran Sasso Beachwear, Footwear, and Knitwear

– Supported by Fashion Brands/Groups

Just prior to the commencement of this edition of Pitti Uomo, Prada and Ermenegildo Zegna jointly acquired a 30% stake in the Italian cashmere brand Fedeli with the aim of safeguarding Italy’s exceptional manufacturing craftsmanship.

As a long-standing Italian knitwear brand established in 1934, Fedeli, under the guidance of third-generation leader Luigi ‘Gigi’ Fedeli, has ventured into more daring and creative designs. The brand’s horizons extend beyond cashmere to include swimwear as well.

Fedeli classic organic cotton and cashmere sweaters

In 2016, the fourth-generation family member Niccolò Fedeli initiated the expansion into the U.S. market. Presently, the Fedeli brand is available in 13 exclusive boutiques worldwide and over 400 multi-brand stores.

Fedeli’s scope has extended beyond cashmere products, venturing into the realm of swimwear as well.

Fedeli swimwear

Off Grid, an outdoor brand based in Naples, was established in 2020 with the philosophy of “everything is connected.” At the exhibition, they showcased their latest jackets, windbreakers, as well as accessories like backpacks and water bottles.

The Insulator backpack is crafted from durable LDPE (low-density polyethylene) material, ensuring 100% waterproofing and recyclability. Their newest products like the Quark jacket and Force shirt come in vibrant colors like yellow and red, maintaining their steadfast waterproof performance while also embracing a sense of style.

Italian trouser brand Incotex Blue Division emerged from the merger of local Venetian trouser brand Incotex and luxury denim label Giada spa. Rooted in professional tailoring traditions, Incotex Blue Division uses creativity, innovation, and pure Italian manufacturing techniques to craft minimalist denim trousers that celebrate the essence of trousers. The brand currently boasts three lines: Couture, Superior, and Lab.

Incotex Blue Division 2023 Spring-Summer Couture Collection

Incotex Blue Division 2023 Spring-Summer Lab Collection

Florentine footwear brand STURLINI is renowned for its soft soles, which can be bent significantly with ease. Natural extracts, adhesive, wax, natural pigments, and recycled materials all find new life in the hands of STURLINI artisans. With special patented processes, the brand continues to evolve and is striving to expand globally.

Founded in 1967, STURLINI was established by Rolando Sturlini. Interestingly, his wife Anna took charge of the shoe manufacturing department, and from that point on, STURLINI gradually nurtured a team of skilled artisans specializing in crafting soft-structured leather shoes. This dedication and expertise have propelled them to become a leading name in this field.

STURLINI’s bendable sole

Italian denim brand Barmas, making a return to Pitti Uomo after the previous edition, showcased iconic items such as the “unbreakable jeans pocket” and “double-needle pants” on a larger stage. Barmas’ patented technology ensures that the seams of the trouser back pocket leave no trace, substantially extending the life of denim jeans pockets.

Barmas employs techniques such as laser and ozone washing to reduce water consumption and the use of environmentally harmful chemicals in the denim-making process.

Established by Francesco Chiapponi and his son Massimo Chiapponi in 2017, Barmas’ products are entirely manufactured in Venice, a hub for luxury denim fabrics. Representing “Venetian craftsmanship,” Barmas embodies quality and exquisite workmanship. Driven by a pursuit of craftsmanship and technology, Barmas achieved a threefold increase in sales over the past year.

Italian menswear brand BOB presented their Personality collection at the event, with the booth’s ambiance exuding a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere. The backdrop featured black-and-white images of figures like Picasso, renowned Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni, and pop art icon Andy Warhol.

Founded in 2005 in Prato, a significant textile hub in Italy, BOB draws inspiration from the Renaissance, focusing on material details and injecting vibrant energy through creative techniques and craftsmanship. The brand’s signature products include vibrantly colored polo shirts adorned with various original prints.

BOB places importance on the offline retail experience, selling products through department stores and multi-brand boutiques, with no online sales platform as of yet.

BOB 2023 Spring-Summer Collection

Hailing from the Marche region of Italy, footwear manufacturer Falc S.p.A. ranks as a world-class footwear producer with a 45-year history. The company operates in over 40 markets globally, with 3,000 distributors and annual sales exceeding €60 million. Their portfolio includes the children’s footwear brands Naturino and Falcotto, along with the men’s and women’s footwear brands Voile Blanche, W6YZ, Flower Mountain, and Candice Cooper.

Voile Blanche introduced the first ultra-light footwear collection made from nautical material Dacron in 2004. Since then, the brand has consistently employed innovative shoemaking techniques and high-performance materials, focusing on details and technology to stand out.

Voile Blanche specializes in producing sports shoes and sandals. The latest 2023 Spring-Summer collection showcases freedom, lightness, and dynamism through geometric patterns, technical materials, and handcrafted workmanship.

Voile Blanche 2023 Spring-Summer Collection

Candice Cooper, a German footwear brand, was acquired by Falc in 2020. Established in 2004 in Berlin, Candice Cooper remains true to its roots while incorporating an Italian flair.

Candice Cooper’s portfolio centers on canvas shoes, and the latest 2023 Spring-Summer collection presents a refined sporty style, celebrating colors and craftsmanship through unique and simple designs.

Candice Cooper 2023 Spring-Summer Collection

W6YZ products emanate the positive energy and metropolitan style of the 1990s through their colors and styles. Vibrant hues are ingrained in W6YZ’s DNA, merging seamlessly to convey an energetic and vibrant power.

W6YZ 2023 Spring-Summer Collection

|Image Credit: Luxe.CO, Pitti Uomo’s Official Website, Official Brand Accounts

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