Italian Luxury Furniture Group IDB to Complete IPO in the First Half of the Year, With Sales Soaring 85% To € 26.7 Million in 2022

4月 03, 2023

Italian luxury furniture group, Italian Design Brands (IDB), announced its 2022 performance on March 28th. The company’s sales skyrocketed by 84.8% to € 266.5 million, while adjusted EBITDA grew by 111% to € 49.2 million. Adjusted net profit almost doubled to € 25.5 million during the reporting period, with a profit margin of 18.5%, up from 16.2% in 2021.
According to IDB, this impressive performance was partly due to “two acquisitions signed during the year, significant organic growth, and the strengthening of (the brand) Flexalighting in North America.”

In June 20 …