Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking | Highlights from Chanel’s Exhibition and ARC’TERYX’s Documentary

1月 07, 2024

Selected by the Luxe.CO Jury the following two brand marketing cases are included in the 24th issue of the 2023 【Luxe.CO Biweekly RankingTop Cases List:

1. French Luxury Brand Chanel
2. Canadian High-End Outdoor Brand ARC’TERYX

From December 16 to December 31, 2023, the 【Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking】 compiled 40 updates from 30 luxury brands in the Chinese market, including marketing activities (11), store expansions (14), pop-up store openings (11), online expansions (1), and ambassador appointments (3).

—— Featured Cases ——

1) French Luxury Brand Chanel

Case: Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image Finalist Exhibition

Chanel collaborated with Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre to present the “Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image” at the 2023 (9th) Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival in Xiamen, announcing the winner of the year. After three rounds of careful deliberation and voting by the jury, Gan Yingying and Zhou Yichen won the 2023 Jimei x Arles “Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image” with their project “The Via Combusta.”

The Jimei x Arles “Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image,” established jointly by Chanel and Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre in 2021, continuously encourages young curators to engage in the sorting and research of photographic art with an open and diverse attitude, supporting the promotion and advocacy of contemporary excellent photographic works.

Additionally, Chanel’s support for Chinese art includes the collaboration with the China Film Directors’ Guild to launch the CFDG China Young Directors Support Program, aiding the accumulation of young creative forces in Chinese cinema.

2) Canadian High-End Outdoor Brand ARC’TERYX 

Case: “Searching for Christmas Tree” Documentary

On December 23, 2023, ARC’TERYX released the documentary “Searching for Christmas Tree,” which documents the ice climbing journey of He Chuan and Liu Yang in the Taihang Grand Canyon, Henan. Seven years ago, He Chuan and Liu Yang were deeply attracted by the natural beauty, starting their journey of “Searching for the Christmas Tree.” Seven years after climbing the Christmas Tree, He Chuan still believes it to be the most beautiful ice wall in the world.

To pay tribute to the climbers’ spirit of transcending themselves, the climbing images “Searching for Christmas Tree” are displayed outside the ARC’TERYX Museum, which will open soon at Shanghai Wheelock Square.

The widespread dissemination of this documentary showcases ARC’TERYX’s focus on outdoor issues, their dedication to professional products, continuous transmission of brand values, and resonance with consumers.

—— Marketing Dynamics ——

3) French luxury brand Louis Vuitton released the fifth episode of its Chinese podcast, featuring brand ambassador Jackson Wang as a guest. He shared his journey of continuous exploration and self-challenge in music, performance, and fashion. The podcast is now available on platforms like Xiaoyuzhou, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

4) Italian luxury brand Prada held a special children’s creative workshop at the “Pradasphere II” exhibition in Shanghai’s Star Art Museum. The workshop introduced children and teenagers to cameras, taught them how to frame shots, and enabled them to create their own photo albums.

5) German high-end watch brand Glashütte Original revamped its brand mini-program, creating a new brand homepage. Users can learn about the brand’s history and craftsmanship through sections on “Craftsmanship,” “Originality,” and “History.”

6) French luxury brand Hermès set up an art window display by Japanese artist SIX TREES at its flagship store in Central, Hong Kong.

7) Italian luxury brand Gucci refreshed the exterior of its boutique in Chengdu Taikoo Li. The façade is adorned with gift boxes featuring the brand’s signature horsebit motif, creatively celebrating the holiday season.

8) Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta opened a temporary beverage cart outside its store in Tianjin Galaxy Mall, decorated with the brand’s classic woven pattern. In addition to serving drinks, limited edition brand magazines were distributed.

9) To celebrate the launch of its new Goddess perfume, British luxury brand Burberry set up a temporary Goddess Coffee Cart at CDF Haikou International Duty-Free City. The cart and cups were adorned with the brand’s logo. Visitors could receive a free drink by sharing on social media.

10) Italian luxury brand Gucci set up temporary coffee carts at its Chengdu Taikoo Li store, Hefei Yintai Center store, Shanghai Qiantan Taikoo Li store, and Macau The Londoner Shopping Center store. The carts and cups featured the brand’s logo. Visitors could get free coffee or mulled wine by sharing on Xiaohongshu.

11) American fashion brand Ralph Lauren set up temporary coffee carts at its Zhengzhou Zhenghong Center store and Nanjing Sasseur Outlets, decorated with the brand’s logo. Customers could enjoy free coffee by scanning a QR code.

—— Store Expansions ——

1) Swiss high-end watch brand HUBLOT opened a new store in Nanjing Deji Plaza.

2) Italian luxury menswear brand Brioni opened a new store in Hangzhou Tower, its tenth boutique in China. The store design is inspired by Hangzhou’s lush mountains and bamboo paths, skillfully combining Brioni’s Roman roots with Hangzhou’s natural beauty.

3) Italian luxury brand Gucci Watch & Jewelry opened its first new-image boutique in Beijing apm.

4) French high-end accessories brand Roger Vivier opened a new store in Changsha IFS.

5) Swiss high-end watch brand Longines opened a direct-operated store in Fuzhou MixC.

6) Chinese luxury brand SHANG XIA opened a new store in Shenzhen Bay Rail In Mall.

7) Italian high-fashion brand GIADA opened a new store in Dalian Olympia 66.

8) Swiss luxury watch and jewelry brand Chopard opened a new store in Lanzhou MixC.

9) French century-old silverware family Christofle opened a new store in Chengdu IFS.

10) Canadian high-end outdoor brand ARC’TERYX opened a new store in Kunming Shuncheng Shopping Center.

11) Italian luxury brand Fendi opened a new specialty store in Harbour City, Hong Kong.

12) Italian luxury brand Dolce&Gabbana opened a fragrance & beauty boutique in Harbour City, Hong Kong.

13) French luxury brand Balmain opened its first store in Anhui at Hefei Yintai Center.

14) Swiss independent watch brand Breitling opened a new store in Suzhou Center Mall.

—— Pop-Up Dynamics ——

1) French luxury brand Chanel opened a pop-up space in Shanghai IFC, displaying the brand’s watches and high-end jewelry products.

2) Swiss luxury watch brand IWC held an Ingenieur exhibition at Shanghai’s New World Daimaru Department Store.

3) French luxury brand LANVIN opened a LANVIN LAB x FUTURE series limited-time store in Shanghai’s INS Joy Park.

4) French luxury brand Louis Vuitton opened a pop-up store in Nanchang Wushang MALL.

5) Italian luxury brand Gucci opened a holiday gift-themed pop-up store in Shenzhen MixC.

6) French luxury brand Celine opened a ladies’ pop-up store in Shenzhen MixC.

7) Italian luxury brand Moncler opened a Moncler Grenoble Fall/Winter 2023 pop-up store in Changbai Mountain Wanda International Resort.

8) French luxury brand Celine opened a MAISON pop-up store in Nanjing Deji Plaza.

9) Italian luxury brand Moncler opened a pop-up store in Kunming Spring City 66.

10) Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta held a Fall/Winter 2023 show collection temporary exhibition at Hefei Yintai Center.

11) British luxury jewelry brand De Beers Jewellers opened a “Guarding Eternity” temporary art space in Qingdao Hisense Plaza.

—— Online Expansion ——

1) American luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. officially joined Tmall Luxury, opening an official flagship store, offering products like jewelry, watches, home items, and accessories.

—— Ambassador Appointments ——

1) High-end Chinese jewelry brand Qeelin announced Chinese artist Zhang LAY as Qeelin’s global brand ambassador.

2) French luxury brand Dior announced Dilraba Dilmurat as Dior’s global brand ambassador, global makeup and fragrance spokesperson.

3) French contemporary jewelry brand Fred announced actress Amy as Fred’s brand friend in China.

| Image Credit: Official Weibo & WeChat of the brands

丨Reporter: You Jia

| Editor: LeZhi