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Luxe.CO Intelligence has compiled research on the comprehensive brand activities of 105 luxury brands in China during the first quarter of 2024, selecting the top five cases most worthy of industry reference and providing exclusive commentary.

4月 30, 2024

From December 16 to December 31, 2023, the 【Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking】 compiled 40 updates from 30 luxury brands in the Chinese market.

1月 07, 2024

The China Luxury Brands Vitality Ranking White Paper for the first half of 2023, covers the period from January 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023. It includes statistical data from 93 luxury brands, comprising a total of 462 dynamic events. Please note that this report does not include dynamics from the beauty and personal care fragrance category.

10月 25, 2023

From August 16, 2023, to August 31, 2023, the Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking has compiled a total of 36 updates from 29 luxury brands in the Chinese market, including 8 marketing updates, 14 store expansion updates, 12 pop-up store opening updates, and 2 endorsement updates.

9月 05, 2023