Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking, Issue 16, 2023 | 36 Latest Developments of Luxury Brands in China

Sep 05, 2023

Selected by the Luxe.CO Panel of Juries, the marketing cases of the following 3 brands have made it to this issue’s Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking Top Case List:

French luxury brand Dior 
Italian luxury brand Gucci
Canadian high-end down jacket brand Canada Goose

From August 16, 2023, to August 31, 2023, the Luxe.CO Biweelly Ranking has compiled a total of 36 updates from 29 luxury brands in the Chinese market, including 8 marketing updates, 14 store expansion updates, 12 pop-up store opening updates, and 2 endorsement updates.

—— Recommended Cases ——
1) French luxury brand Dior