Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking, Issue 16, 2023 | 36 Latest Developments of Luxury Brands in China

9月 05, 2023

Selected by the Luxe.CO Panel of Juries, the marketing cases of the following 3 brands have made it to this issue’s Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking Top Case List:

  • French luxury brand Dior 
  • Italian luxury brand Gucci
  • Canadian high-end down jacket brand Canada Goose

From August 16, 2023, to August 31, 2023, the Luxe.CO Biweelly Ranking has compiled a total of 36 updates from 29 luxury brands in the Chinese market, including 8 marketing updates, 14 store expansion updates, 12 pop-up store opening updates, and 2 endorsement updates.

—— Recommended Cases ——

1) French luxury brand Dior 

Case: “DIOR LADY ART 1-7” Artist Limited Collaboration Series Exhibition

Dior held the “DIOR LADY ART #1-7” artist limited collaboration series exhibition at Hisense Plaza in Qingdao, with the exhibition running from September 2 to October 6.

This exhibition focused on showcasing the handbag creations crafted by Chinese artists in the previous “DIOR LADY ART” limited collaboration series while also including outstanding works from artists around the world. In addition to the exhibition, Dior also opened its first boutique in Shandong at Hisense Plaza in Qingdao, further deepening its presence in the Shandong market.

2) Italian luxury brand Gucci 

Case: Opening Official Flagship Store on

Gucci has entered into a strategic partnership with and opened an official flagship store on the platform.

The brand stated in a press release that this collaboration marks the first time Gucci presented its diverse fashion aesthetics and 102-year history of Italian legendary craftsmanship to consumers. Consumers can enter the store by searching “GUCCI” or “古驰” on the JD app, explore a range of men’s and women’s products, including clothing, handbags, travel items, footwear, jewelry, watches, and accessories, and also consult with Gucci’s online advisors. They can enjoy the complete Gucci brand service within the convenient and secure digital ecosystem.

3) Canadian high-end down jacket brand Canada Goose (加拿大鹅)

Case: Opening First Boutique in South China at MixC Shenzhen Bay

Canada Goose has opened its first boutique in South China at MixC Shenzhen Bay.

This year, Canada Goose has increased its investment in offline stores in China. In addition to opening its first store in South China, the brand has also opened boutiques in Hangzhou MixC, Chongqing IFS, and renovated its flagship store in Beijing Sanlitun Taikoo Li, which is currently the brand’s largest global flagship store and China’s first Basecamp offline experience store, featuring a low-temperature experience room.

—— Marketing Updates ——

1) French luxury brand Chanel collaborates again with the FIRST Youth Film Festival to present the “FIRST FRAME” unit and series of activities for 2023. The unit specially invited actress and Chanel brand ambassador Ning Chang, along with actress Zhang Zifeng, as annual promoters and scholar Dai Jinhua as academic promoter.

2) Swiss independent watch brand Breitling collaborates for the first time with coffee brand M Stand to introduce the creative coffee concoction “OFFLINE, EN ROUTE” inspired by “Aerial Martini.”

3) Chinese luxury brand SHANG XIA collaborates with artist Mo Hen to present the “Silent” ink painting screen exhibition, featuring 21 ink painting works with the theme of “Pines.” The exhibition is held at Shang Xia’s Huaihai Middle Road store and runs until September 15.

4) Italian high fashion brand Curiel hosts the CURIEL VIC semi-custom workshop event in Beijing.

5) Belgian luxury leather goods brand Delvaux collaborates with Chengdu Niccolo Hotel to launch the “In the Name of Love” afternoon tea, commemorating Belgian artist René Magritte’s 125th anniversary.

6) To celebrate the opening of its Chinese flagship store in Beijing’s World Trade Center Mall, Italian luxury menswear brand Stefano Ricci invites bespoke tailoring master Mr. Gianluca from Florence, Italy to offer Italian-style private MTM custom services. The custom event is open until September 5.

—— Store Expansion Updates ——

1) Italian luxury brand Gucci opened its first watch and jewelry boutique in South China at MixC Shenzhen.

2) French luxury brand Dior opened its first boutique in Shandong at Hisense Plaza in Qingdao.

3) French luxury brand Maison Margiela opened its first store in Changsha IFS Tower, which also includes the fifth global Maison Margiela Café.

4) Italian luxury watch brand Panerai opens a new boutique at Chengdu SKP.

5) Canadian outdoor brand ARC’TERYX expands and reopens its Chengdu Taikoo Li store, now featuring two floors and inspired by the Sanxingdui bronzes, with maple leaves and a starry sky installation.

6) Italian luxury brand Chloé opens a boutique at Chengdu SKP.

7) Italian luxury brand Chloé opens a boutique at Chengdu IFS, featuring the Karl Lagerfeld collection exhibition on August 26-27.

8) Italian luxury brand Tod’s opens a boutique at Fuzhou MixC.

9) Spanish luxury brand Loewe Fragrance opens a store at Hangzhou MixC.

10) American luxury brand Ralph Lauren Fragrance opened its first store in Northwest China at Urumqi Maison Mode Shopping Center.

11) French luxury brand Louis Vuitton opens a men’s boutique at Xiamen MixC.

12) French luxury brand Cartier opens a new boutique at Chongqing Jiangbei Airport T3.

13) French luxury footwear brand Christian Louboutin opens a new store at Suzhou Village in Suzhou.

—— Pop-up Store Updates ——

1) Swiss luxury watch brand Vacheron Constantin hosted the “Simplicity Collection” national tour exhibition at Hangzhou MixC.

2) Italian high fashion brand Curiel opens a Roman Holiday Garden-themed pop-up store at Hangzhou MixC.

3) French luxury jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels hosts the Van Cleef & Arpels Fragrance Exhibition in Wuhan Wushang Mall.

4) Italian luxury watch brand Panerai hosts the 2023 Watch Appreciation Exhibition at Chengdu IFS.

5) Swiss luxury watch brand IWC hosts a watch exhibition in Wuxi Center 66.

6) Swiss luxury watch and jewelry brand Chopard opens a Qixi-themed café at Wuxi Center 66.

7) Italian high fashion brand Curiel opens a pop-up store at Nanjing Deji Plaza.

8) Swiss luxury watch brand Blancpain hosts the Ladybird women’s watch series exhibition at Shanghai IFC Mall.

9) Italian fashion brand Max Mara opens a Midsummer Holiday Market-themed pop-up at Shanghai Taikoo Hui.

10) French luxury brand Celine opens a pop-up store at Changsha IFS.

11) French luxury brand Celine opens the CELINE PLEIN SOLEIL pop-up store at Xiamen MixC.

12) French luxury jewelry and watch brand CHAUMET opens a limited-time concept store with a touring exhibition theme at MixC Shenzhen Bay.

—— Endorsement Updates ——

1) Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer announces Chinese tennis player Wu Yibing as a brand ambassador.

2) French accessory brand Roger Vivier announces Chinese actor Zhang Linghe as a brand friend.

|Image Credit: Brand Official WeChat/Weibo

|Editor: Elisa