Luxe.CO Intelligence Exclusive | How Is Celine, With Over 2 Billion Euros in Sales, Ramping Up Its Presence in the Chinese Market?

8月 25, 2023

Luxe.CO Intelligence releases new single-brand research report: “CELINE in China,” detailing the latest deployment and localization practices of LVMH Group’s luxury brand CELINE in China.

Note: The report is originally written in Mandarin and is available for download exclusively for Luxe.CO subscribers.

Acquired by French luxury giant LVMH Group in 1996, CELINE saw its sales hovering around 1 billion euros when Hedi Slimane took over as creative director in 2018, succeeding Phoebe Philo. Four years later, in the 2022 fiscal year, LVMH announced that CELINE had surpassed the 2 billion euro sales mark, achieving a remarkable growth of doubling its sales in just four years.

As performance soared in recent years, when mentioning CELINE in public, LVMH Chairman Bernard Arnault’s confidence has grown stronger:

  • Celine has reshaped aesthetics, and this is a good start. We launched perfume in 2019, which is an extraordinary product line.” (Fiscal Year 2020)
  • “Celine collaborates with the highly talented designer Hedi Slimane, who has created a very successful ready-to-wear collection. Today, Celine is one of the fastest-growing brands among all global fashion brands.” (Fiscal Year 2021)
  • “Celine is becoming stronger and its profitability is very good. The products sell well, and stores are expanding. Its distribution network is smaller than Dior’s, but over time, I believe this company will achieve its set goals, and sales will quickly surpass the 2 billion euro mark.” (Fiscal Year 2021)
  • “Celine is another great milestone for the fashion and leather goods division. Our mid-term goal is to exceed 2 billion euros in revenue. This is an important milestone, and I can confirm that we (in 2022) have crossed this milestone, which bodes well for the future of this iconic brand. Celine’s appeal to young people, especially young women, is now spreading to the perfume and fashion sectors and has achieved tremendous success.” (Fiscal Year 2022)

Shifting the focus to China, based on tracking statistics from Luxe.CO Tong, a real-time global brand dynamics platform under Luxe.Co, Luxe.CO Intelligence has identified a significant indicator:

Following the group’s two flagship brands Louis Vuitton and Dior, since 2023, CELINE has become the third most popular “Fashion and Leather Goods” brand for LVMH Group’s pop-up stores in China!

Without a doubt, LVMH Group is amplifying CELINE’s presence in the Chinese market through the flexible format of “pop-up” stores, which serve both sales and communication functions, aiming to make more people familiar with this luxury brand that is transitioning from “niche” to “mainstream.”

In terms of physical stores, CELINE currently operates 35 stores in mainland China and about 278 stores worldwide.

Since January 2023, CELINE has opened the second-highest number of new stores in LVMH Group’s “Fashion and Leather Goods” division: opening 4 new stores, closely following Louis Vuitton (5 stores).

CELINE’s stores in Sanlitun, Beijing, and MixC World, Shenzhen, both opened in January 2023

Through this “CELINE in China” research report by the Luxe.CO Intelligence you will gain insight into:

  • CELINE’s dynamic development history, product features, and current financial performance.
  • CELINE’s development journey in China.
  • CELINE’s store distribution in China.
  • CELINE’s pop-up store distribution in China.

The main content of the “Luxe.CO Intelligence – CELINE in China” report is approximately 34 pages.

Note: The report is originally written in Mandarin and is available for download exclusively for Luxe.CO subscribers.

Below is the table of contents and some examples of what you will be getting in the report.


French luxury brand CELINE was founded by Ms. Celine Vipiana in 1945. In 1996, CELINE was officially acquired by LVMH and became part of the group’s “Fashion and Leather Goods” division. Hedi Slimane is the current creative director. The product range includes women’s wear, leather goods, men’s wear, home goods, perfumes, and more.

In 2022, LVMH revealed that CELINE’s annual sales exceeded 2 billion euros.

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