Luxeplace Exclusive | How to Become a Luxury Brand? CEO Quotes III

11月 14, 2023

“Ten years ago, Delvaux was merely a name, far from being a brand. To grow into an internationally leading luxury brand, having exceptionally high product quality is a fundamental requirement. However, having quality alone does not make people yearn for it; we also need a visually expressive and captivating appearance. But things that capture attention are often short-lived, so we further enrich its depth of content.”

“What we do has nothing to do with creating affordable prices; instead, we aim to make complex craftsmanship more approachable, which is entirely different.

We are committed to becoming an internationally leading brand beyond leather goods products. Therefore, the choices we make have a clear direction. Delvaux positions itself in the luxury segment, and we intend to stay in that position. The key is to find touchpoints that emotionally connect with people, but that doesn’t mean we will lower prices.”

“We’ve always believed that giving you what you want is not true luxury; giving you the unexpected, uplifting you, surprising you, and making you feel confident and beautiful is the result of creativity.”

“Luxury brands in the leather goods sector attract consumers because of their craftsmanship and design, which are the results of creativity, historical heritage, elegance, beauty, and intricate craftsmanship. The same applies to the fragrance industry. The cacophony of external voices has made people forget that the essence and most important aspect of perfume is what’s inside the bottle.”

“When I started, I thought it was going to be more of a consumer electronics play, but it’s not. It’s actually a luxury play, and we’re moving in the luxury direction. ”

“When it comes to luxury, having a strong brand name is essential, and we are fortunate to have an incredibly well-recognized brand worldwide. Furthermore, heritage is crucial in the luxury segment, and with 98 years of history, we possess a rich legacy. Our craftsmanship is exceptional, evident in the way we meticulously build our speakers and select high-quality materials. We take pride in the superb craftsmanship that goes into each product.

Desirability is another key factor, as people are drawn to our products. When individuals see our designs, they recognize their uniqueness and are captivated by them. Additionally, we have a network of 400 monobrand stores globally, which enables us to deliver a luxury experience. Having control over our distribution is vital in delivering a true luxury experience that cannot be easily replicated.”