MSC, World’s Largest Family Cruise Company, Expands in China’s Greater Bay Area

8月 21, 2023

On August 16th, China Merchants Property and MSC, the world’s largest family cruise company, jointly held a press conference. MSC Mediterranean Cruises officially announced their dual-ship deployment in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area – the Asian flagship, MSC Bellissima, and the star cruise, MSC Splendida.

MSC Bellissima, a legendary cruise ship invested in by MSC Mediterranean Cruises, has a maximum capacity of 5,686 passengers. It features 2,217 high-quality cabins, with iconic structures including the Galleria Bellissima, covered by an 80-meter LED skylight and a spiral staircase adorned with 50,000 Swarovski crystals.

On June 29, 2024, MSC Bellissima will make its first call at the Shenzhen Shekou Cruise Homeport, officially commencing its inaugural season in the Greater Bay Area. It will operate 8 cruises ranging from 2 to 5 nights, departing from the Shenzhen homeport and visiting destinations such as Hong Kong, Okinawa, Yaeyama Islands, and Miyako Island. At that time, MSC Bellissima will set the record for the largest and newest international cruise ship in the Greater Bay Area.

MSC Splendida will be deployed to the Shenzhen homeport in the fourth quarter of 2024. It was previously deployed in the Chinese market from 2018 to 2019.

For the entire Chinese market, in 2024, MSC Mediterranean Cruises will not only become the first international cruise brand to operate cruises in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, but also the only international cruise brand to achieve dual-ship deployment in the Chinese market with three homeports in Taiwan, Shanghai, and Shenzhen during the first year of post-pandemic recovery in 2024.

About MSC Mediterranean Cruises

MSC Mediterranean Cruises is the world’s third-largest cruise brand and a leader in the European, South American, South African, and Middle Eastern cruise markets. It holds a significant share of the local market and has a strong capacity deployment. Additionally, it is the fastest-growing cruise brand globally, with a strong presence in the Caribbean, North American, and Asian markets.

MSC Mediterranean Cruises is one of the two major cruise brands under the family-owned MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company Group. With a maritime history of 300 years, the group is a leader in shipping and logistics, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Currently, the MSC Mediterranean Cruises fleet consists of 22 ultra-modern cruise ships, with unprecedented future fleet investment plans. The fleet is expected to grow to 23 ships by 2025, with 6 additional ships on standby order by 2030.

| Source: China Merchants Shekou WeChat Official Account

| Image Credit: China Merchants Shekou WeChat Official Account

| Editor: LeZhi