Official Schedule of September London Fashion Week Released, Featuring 21 Chinese Designer Brands

8月 01, 2023

Recently, the British Fashion Council (BFC) announced the preliminary schedule for the 2024 Spring/Summer London Fashion Week (LFW).

This season’s London Fashion Week will take place from September 15th to 19th, continuing to showcase the latest collections of both men’s and women’s wear through a combination of offline and online presentations.

The current schedule includes participation from over 100 fashion brands, such as Burberry, JW Anderson, Simone Rocha, as well as winners of the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund 16Arlington, the 2023 BFC Fashion Trust Award Chopova Lowena, Molly Goddard, and Labrum London, the recipient of this year’s Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design.

Norwegian fashion lifestyle brand Holzweiler will also be making its debut at London Fashion Week after relocating from Copenhagen Fashion Week. The majority of the brand’s shares were acquired by Sequoia China in August last year.


Christopher Kane, a well-known British designer brand and a regular at London Fashion Week, was notably absent from this season’s schedule. However, just a few days ago, the founder of Christopher Kane, along with his sister Tammy Kane, managed to repurchase their eponymous high-end fashion brand Christopher Kane and its sub-brand More Joy through a pre-pack administration deal. This move allowed them to regain control of the brand’s assets and intellectual property rights, rescuing it from the brink of bankruptcy.

Notably, 21 Chinese designer brands will be participating in this season’s London Fashion Week, including Huishan Zhang, KWK by KAY KWOK, SUSAN FANG, PRONOUNCE, Yuhan Wang, MARRKNULL, RAY CHU, MITHRIDATE, 8ON8, RUIRUI DENG, siyun huang, BUERLANGMA, J E CAI, PERMU, chūnchén, Chet Lo, Amorphous studio, KYLE HO, JENN LEE, APUJAN, and ROSEOCEAN.

Among these brands, siyun huang, KYLE HO, PERMU, RUIRUI DENG, BUERLANGMA, Amorphous studio, chūnchén, PRONOUNCE, ROSEOCEAN, and MITHRIDATE will be presenting their collections online.

Huishan Zhang



The BFC Newgen Show Space for emerging brands will continue to be hosted at the prestigious department store Selfridges at The Old Selfridges Hotel. Brands like Stefan Cooke, DI PETSA, ANCUȚA SARCA, HARRI, DERRICK, Leo Carlton, The Winter House, FEBEN, Sinead O’Dwyer, S.S.DALEY, Kazna Asker, LABRUM London, MASHA POPOVA, HELEN KIRKUM, yuhan wang, Paolo Carzana, TOLU COKER, Chet Lo, AARON ESH, and Conner Ives will participate.

Furthermore, the British Fashion Council will continue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its talent identification program BFC Newgen with a year-long celebration.

Attached: List of Brands Participating in the 2024 Spring/Summer London Fashion Week

September 15th

Offline Shows:
Paul Costelloe, Stefan Cooke, Noon by Noor, LAUGESEN, PHOEBE ENGLISH, Bora Aksu, RIXO, EDWARD CRUTCHLEY, DI PETSA, EIRINN HAYHOW, Huishan Zhang, Mark Fast, ANCUȚA SARCA, FASHION EAST, Sarah Regensburger, Natasha Zinko, Ahluwalia, HARRI, Chopova Lowena

Online Shows:
DiscoveryLAB presents: PARISER, DiscoveryLAB presents: Amorphous studio, DiscoveryLAB presents: siyun huang, DERRICK, Leo Carlton, NU, MYL BERLIN, Ahluwalia

September 16th

Offline Shows:
The Winter House, Eudon Choi, JW Anderson, ROKSANDA, Completedworks, FEBEN, Molly Goddard, ABIGAIL AJOBI, 16Arlington, RAY CHU, Sinead O’Dwyer, S.S.DALEY, Kazna Asker, Richard Quinn, LABRUM London, KWK by KAY KWOK

Online Shows:
DiscoveryLAB presents: KYLE HO, DiscoveryLAB presents: Adrianne Weber, DiscoveryLAB presents: Genevieve Devine, PERTE D’EGO, TREDDENICK, Accidental Cutting

September 17th

Offline Shows:
Sinead Gorey, MASHA POPOVA, J E CAI, SUSAN FANG, HELEN KIRKUM, TOVE, Holzweiler, JENN LEE, KNWLS, Spencer Badu, Simone Rocha, yuhan wang, ERDEM, PĪFERI, HALPERN, Paolo Carzana

Online Shows:
DiscoveryLAB presents: Emma Blythe, DiscoveryLAB presents: RUIRUI DENG, DiscoveryLAB presents: PERMU, KÍLÉNTÀR, BUERLANGMA, SUNG JU, jakke

September 18th

Offline Shows:
TOLU COKER, Emilia Wickstead, palmer//harding, SUPRIYA LELE, Malone Souliers, Chet Lo, Ashish, EDELINE LEE, SRVC, Burberry, MARRKNULL, AARON ESH, Dilara Findikoglu, University of Westminster MA MENSWEAR, On|Off

Online Shows:
DiscoveryLAB presents: ALBARELLA, DiscoveryLAB presents: chūnchén, DiscoveryLAB presents: Rhyzem, VINTI ANDREWS, PRONOUNCE, MAX ANTHONY BROWN

September 19th

Offline Shows:
Ukraine Fashion Week presents: GASANOVA, My Sleeping Gypsy, NADYA DZYAK, 8ON8, FROLOV, ASAI, APUJAN, Helen Anthony, University for the Creative Arts (Epsom)

Online Shows:
DiscoveryLAB presents: ROSEOCEAN, DiscoveryLAB presents: MARIANAVA, DiscoveryLAB presents: Samuel Slattery, Conner Ives, Conner Ives, ROKER, MITHRIDATE

Attached: Schedule for the 2024 Spring/Summer London Fashion Week

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