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This article has selected quotes from 16 executives of luxury brands, offering insights into their perspectives on luxury and how to build luxury brands.

10月 16, 2023

This article has summarized and selected 10 memorable quotes from 10 executives of luxury brands. Through their perspectives, we gain insights into the latest observations and judgments within the industry regarding luxury brand boutiques.

10月 16, 2023

The 8th issue of the Luxe.CO Auto Brand Watch for 2023 has included 40 recent developments from 22 car brands/companies in the Chinese market, spanning the period from July 21st to August 20th. BYD has the most entries, followed by NIO, Lamborghini, and BMW tied for second, with Ferrari ranking third.

8月 29, 2023

For McLaren, China stands as one of its most crucial strategic markets. In terms of sales, China already ranks as McLaren’s second-largest market globally, with McLaren’s GT sports cars leading as the top-selling model worldwide.

6月 08, 2023

Geely Holdings to Become Third-Largest Shareholder of Legendary Luxury Performance Brand.

5月 23, 2023