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Consinee produce more than 7000 tons of cashmere yarn per year, of which recycled cashmere can reach about 100 tons.

6月 17, 2024

“If men’s fashion intends to assert its influence at the beginning of 2024, then the 105th Pitti Uomo has sent a very positive signal.”

2月 05, 2024

In the Asia-Pacific market, revenue saw a remarkable 13% year-on-year growth, outperforming all other markets.

11月 08, 2023

“Herno continues to evolve across the board: in addition to the new products introduced with this collection in various categories, it’s the company’s own organization, with the appointment of a new CEO, that is a driver of change.”

6月 19, 2023

In this transaction, Chanel will acquire a total of 24.5% ownership in Cariaggi Lanifico, with 18.5% coming from Brunello Cucinelli and the remaining 6% from the Cariaggi family.

5月 25, 2023

The company is consistently increasing investment in its design department, remaining committed to local production in Italy, and collaborating with textile education institutions to enhance artisanal textile craftsmanship.

3月 17, 2023