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From February 16 to March 1, 2024, the Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking compiled 23 brand activities.

3月 05, 2024

From February 1 to February 15, 2024, the Luxe.CO Biweekly Rankings recorded 35 brand activities from 31 luxury brands in the Chinese market, including marketing dynamics (9), store expansion/renovation (20), pop-up store openings (4), and brand ambassador appointments (2).

2月 23, 2024

From November 16 to November 30, 2023, the 【Luxe.CO Biweekly Ranking】 recorded 39 updates from 25 luxury brands in the Chinese market, including marketing updates (8), store expansions (7), pop-up store openings (20), online channel expansions (1), and spokesperson appointments (3).

12月 05, 2023

Hermès is often regarded as a “luxury trendsetter,” and the information shared by its executives holds significant reference value for understanding the ever-evolving luxury industry.

11月 01, 2023

Duplaix also acknowledged that the performance of the Chinese market has not actually reached the levels predicted earlier this year.

10月 31, 2023

Luxe.CO will host an online seminar on Friday, February 17, to reveal the essence of this report.

2月 16, 2023

The luxury shoe industry is expected to generate a total of $40 billion in revenue by 2027, a 29% increase from 2022, according to market research firm Euromonitor International.

2月 16, 2023