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Zhuji, Zhejiang, is a renowned hub for freshwater pearl industry, handling 75% of the world’s freshwater pearl production.

5月 07, 2024

The current state of the clean beauty concept is that while many consumers are indeed enticed by it, the high prices remain a barrier.

7月 07, 2023

This funding will be disbursed over a period of 24 months and will be utilized to enhance TFI’s fundraising and sponsorship capabilities, enabling them to continue providing a wide range of resources to local fashion startups.

6月 08, 2023

The acquisition agreement is contingent on a debt relief package of $690 million.

4月 03, 2023

Unlike traditional venture capital or private equity firms, which often believe the true value of an investment ends once the check is written, Beach House Ventures brings a wealth of reliable experience in areas such as entrepreneurship and exit strategies as seasoned entrepreneurs themselves.

3月 23, 2023

The participants in the new incubation project include 12 brands such as Topicals, Eadem, and Hyper Skin from Sephora’s 2021 Accelerate program.

3月 20, 2023