TAG: LUXE.CO Auto Brand Watch

The 8th issue of the Luxe.CO Auto Brand Watch for 2023 has included 40 recent developments from 22 car brands/companies in the Chinese market, spanning the period from July 21st to August 20th. BYD has the most entries, followed by NIO, Lamborghini, and BMW tied for second, with Ferrari ranking third.

8月 29, 2023

The offline experiential spaces of automotive brands are continuously evolving, with constant upgrades and iterations. Brands are pushing the boundaries by introducing innovative and imaginative approaches to captivate their audiences.

7月 25, 2023

With the arrival of the new energy era, not only has it changed the power mode of cars and disrupted the traditional automotive competitive landscape, but it has also changed the relationship between cars and users.

3月 01, 2023

The two Luxe.CO cases recommended in this issue are both related to “space”.

11月 23, 2022