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“This research extensively explored the profound relationship between Chinese consumers and Italian brands.”

10月 24, 2023

This series of reports is the first data-driven publication released by MICAM, specifically designed to provide footwear trend insights and buyer’s guides for major global trade shows.

6月 07, 2023

Global luxury goods giant Kering has relocated its new headquarters in Italy to Milan, affirming Italy’s expertise and knowledge in the fashion industry.

5月 30, 2023

According to analysts at JPMorgan, this deal signifies Arezzo’s shift towards positioning itself as a potential global shoe powerhouse.

3月 07, 2023

According to the official schedule, there will be a total of 165 events, including 59 fashion shows (54 in-person shows and 5 digital shows), 70 exhibitions, 7 presentations by appointment, and 29 cultural events.

2月 20, 2023

China has officially lifted the pandemic restrictions it had in place on January 8. Cross-border travel and international tourism have been reinstated, greatly boosting the confidence of international luxury markets.

1月 27, 2023

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani once said, “Milan is a true metropolis: powerful, fearless, and welcoming.”

12月 19, 2022