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In this edition of Luxe.CO Founder’s Talk we delve into the reflections of this Beijing-based entrepreneur as she reviews the ninth year of her entrepreneurial journey and the fifth year of formal company operations. As the top executive of the company, how does she lead the brand through iterative upgrades?

8月 13, 2023

House of M Beauty, founded by Vietnamese immigrant Anne Nguyen Oliver in 2019, is a skincare brand that specializes in saffron-infused products.

3月 28, 2023

In 2017, True Botanicals received a minority equity investment from Unilever Ventures, a venture capital fund under the umbrella of consumer goods giant Unilever.

3月 27, 2023

The participants in the new incubation project include 12 brands such as Topicals, Eadem, and Hyper Skin from Sephora’s 2021 Accelerate program.

3月 20, 2023

Soula offers three key features to support women through their pregnancy and postpartum journey: evidence-based structured content, personalized chatbot using AI technology, and tools for pregnancy planning and tracking.

3月 14, 2023

Live Tinted is the first South Asian brand to be sold at Ulta Beauty and is the fastest-growing beauty brand in the latter’s Sparked program.

3月 03, 2023