Unilever Recorded €60.1 Billion Turnover in FY 2022 with 14.5% Increase, Forecasting Continuous Cost Inflation

2月 13, 2023

Feb. 9, Unilever plc announced its FY2022 Q4 and Full Year results ending in December: In Q4, turnover stood at €14.6 billion, rising 11% from the same period a year ago. Underlying sales growth in the three-month period stood at 9.2%. The quarterly dividend payable in March stood at €0.4268 per share.
For the full fiscal 2022, Unilever’s turnover jumped 14.5% to €60.1 billion, and underlying sales growth reached 9%. GAAP operating profit surged 24% compared to 2021 to hit €10.8 billion.

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