Luxe.CO China Designer Brands Monthly Report, Issue 8 | 10 New Store Openings in the Past Month

8月 13, 2023

Selected by the Luxe.CO Jury Panel, the latest updates from the following four designer brands have been included in this issue of China Designer Brand Monthly Observations Top Case List:

  • HEFANG Jewelry (Sun Hefang)
  • Rui Zhou (Zhou Rui)
  • LAURENCE·XU (Lawrence Xu)
  • YA YI (Yayi Chen)

China Designer Brand Monthly Observations Volume 8 (July 1, 2023 – July 31, 2023) features 37 marketing dynamics from 33 Chinese designer brands, including 11 offline channel expansions, 7 collaborative partnership dynamics, 1 category expansion, 10 pop-up store dynamics, 4 offline event dynamics, 3 overseas expansion dynamics, and 1 award-winning dynamic.

— Recommended Cases —

1) HEFANG Jewelry (Sun Hefang)

Case: Opened stores in Shenyang MixC, Xi’an Joy City, and Nanjing Deji Plaza.

In July, the jewelry designer brand HEFANG Jewelry (Sun Hefang) opened stores in Shenyang MixC, Xi’an Joy CIty, and Nanjing Deji Plaza.

According to the brand, HEFANG Jewelry has currently opened 53 stores (direct and affiliated) in China, with a projected total of 60-70 stores this year.

HEFANG Jewelry, founded by designer Sun Hefang, is a designer jewelry brand that combines craftsmanship and fashionable expression. It excels at uncovering emotions and resonances in the nuances of life, using jewelry to tell touching stories and convey the concept of “Shine my life. Embrace a radiant self.”

2) Rui Zhou (Zhou Rui)

Case: Victoria’s Secret x Rui Zhou

Brand Rui Zhou collaborated with American lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret to launch the first Chinese designer brand joint collection for Victoria’s Secret — Victoria’s Secret x RUI-built. This collection merges Rui Zhou’s signature perforations with Victoria’s Secret’s lace details.

Born in 1994, Zhou Rui earned a bachelor’s degree in fashion design from Tsinghua University’s Academy of Arts & Design, then pursued a master’s degree at Parsons School of Design in the United States. Their graduation collection was showcased at New York Fashion Week.

In 2018, Zhou founded the eponymous brand RUI. In October 2020, RUI unveiled its 2021 spring/summer collection at Shanghai Fashion Week, marking its domestic debut. In 2021, Zhou became the first Chinese designer to reach the finals of the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers. Their works explore the connection between the body and clothing, crafting a “second skin” for women with innovative silhouettes.

3) LAURENCE·XU (Laurence Xu)

Case: Fashion Show in Kashgar, Xinjiang

On the evening of July 25th, the “Silk Road Ancient Town · Enchanting Kashgar” fashion show, hosted by the Kashgar Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and planned by the LAURENCE·XU brand, was held in Kashgar, Xinjiang. The garments in this show incorporated traditional fabric Adelaisi silk, a locally produced silk favored by the Uighur people for clothing. Additionally, 80% of the models were from the Uighur ethnic group.

LAURENCE·XU was founded by designer Laurence Xu, who graduated from the Fashion Design department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (now Tsinghua University’s Academy of Arts & Design). The brand is known for fusing Western cutting techniques with Eastern design elements and embroidery craftsmanship.

4) YA YI (Yayi Chen)

Case: Awarded Best Styling at the 2023 Milan Fashion Film Festival

Chinese-origin fashion designer, Yayi Chen collaborated with emerging Chinese director Tian Sicong CURRY SICONG TIAN to create a modern dance-themed short film centered around fashion design titled “IT IS NOT SPRING UTNIL ALL FLOWERS BLOSSOM.” The film won the Best Styling award at the 2023 Milan Fashion Film Festival, along with nominations for Best Photography and Best New Fashion Film.

Yayi Chen was born in Spain and raised in China. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York and participating in an exchange program at Central Saint Martins in London, Chen worked at The Row and Thom Browne. In 2022, Chen founded the eponymous brand YA YI in New York.

— Offline Store Expansion —

5)  SHUSHU/TONG (Jiang Yutong & Lei Liushu) opened a counter in Shenzhen UpperHills Galeries Lafayette.

6) Songmont (Fu Song) opened its first store in Jiangsu at Nanjing Wanda Plaza.

7) COMME MOI (Sun Yun) opened a store at Beijing Hanguang Department Store.

8) 13DE MARZO (Eric & Leslie) opened a store at Changchun MixC.

9) BING XU (Xu Bingqiang) opened a store at Aranya Youyi Bay.

10) KUNOGIGI (Gu Liang & Ji Ji) opened its first store in Shandong at Jinan MixC.

11) MeetMimiQ (Wang Jingqiu) opened a new flagship store at Beijing Chaoyang Joy City.

12) ALICEYU (Alice Yu) opened a store in Hangzhou Tower.

13) – 14) MAIA ACTIVE (Ou Yirou & Wang Jiayin) opened new stores in Chongqing MixC and Wuxi Center 66, respectively.

— Collaborative Partnerships —

15)  Caroline Hú (Hu Yingqi) collaborated with Chinese fashion brand URBAN REVIVO (UR) to launch a joint capsule collection, including dresses, skirts, shirts, and knitwear.

16)  SHUTING QIU (Qiu Shutong) collaborated with German sportswear brand adidas to release a joint collection, including sports skirts, short-sleeve T-shirts, and sports jackets.

17) GROTTO (Huang Baiqing) collaborated with Coca-Cola to launch a joint bag collection.

18)  YVMIN (Zhang Xiaoyu & Li Min) collaborated with brand SHUSHU/TONG (Jiang Yutong & Lei Liushu) to release a joint jewelry collection for the 2023 autumn/winter season.

19) M essential (Ma Kai) collaborated with accessories brand YAN XUE, founded by designer Xue Yan, to release a 2023 autumn/winter accessory collection.

20)  CIGALONG (Long Zijia) collaborated with brand TEENIE WEENIE JEWELLERY to launch a joint jewelry collection.

— Category Expansion —

21)  COMME MOI (Sun Yun) launched the new Matin&Minuit “Dawn and Midnight” shoe collection.

— Pop-Up Stores —

22)  COMME MOI (Sun Yun) opened a pop-up store at Wuxi Center 66.

23) Brand: XIAO LI (Li Xiao) partnered with boutique concept store The Bálancing, a subsidiary of Bailian Group, to open a limited edition toast pop-up store for the 2023 autumn/winter collection at Shanghai Hkri Taikoo Hui.

24) MARKGONG (Gong Ziming) collaborated with boutique store LABELHOOD to open a pop-up store at LABELHOOD Space in Shanghai, featuring a collaborative collection.

25) – 26) Jacques Wei, the pet lifestyle brand under Jacques Wei, held a “COLLECTOR EDITION” themed pop-up event at DIA UNDERGROUND in Shanghai, including a café named PLUSONE, and a pop-up event at Jacques Wei Pets.

27) CPLUS SERIES collaborated with boutique store nound nound to host a pop-up experience space for the 2023 spring/summer collection at Nanjing Deji Plaza.

28) CORNERSTONE (Sun Yun) opened a pop-up store at Hangzhou OōEli.

29) Brand: BLACKHEAD (Liu Yu) hosted a themed pop-up store event “Scorpion Tail Youth” at Guangzhou One Link Walk.

30) HALF MADE (Song Xinwei & Yin Sipei) collaborated with PP BOUTIQUE, a boutique store in Changsha, to open a pop-up store.

31) YEE SI (Zhou Yingxi & Chen Yu) collaborated with boutique store JOIN TALK to host a brand pop-up store at the first-floor atrium of Yitian Holiday Plaza in Shenzhen.

— Offline Events —

32) HEFANG Jewelry (Sun Hefang) held the “Sweet Dream Star Box” themed temporary exhibition at Beijing’s China World Trade Center. The event will last until August 28th.

33) Tyakasha (Tong Yun) and American sportswear brand Saucony collaborated to host the “Quirky Sweet Fruit Stand” event at Tyakasha’s store on Huaihai Road in Shanghai.

34) SHORT SENTENCE (Guan Lin) hosted a summer music event at Anfu Road, Shanghai, with a specially designed vinyl music playlist by GARDEN DJs. Independent musicians, drummer Huang Liyang, and original musician Luo Xiaohei were invited to share their music.

— Overseas Market Expansion —

35) La Mofiel (Yuan Jingyi) opened a pop-up store at Tokyo Parco Department Store in Japan.

36) HER SENSES (Cloris Li & Sarah Han) participated in the Curve Paris & Interfilière Paris international swimwear and lingerie exhibition in Paris, France, showcasing the new 23AW and 24SS collections.

37) handhandhand (Zhu Zhu, Ajun, Shen Zhilun) officially entered Librairie Jousseaume bookstore in Paris.

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