PROYA’s 2022 Revenue Surpasses CNY 50 Billion With New Subbrand TIMAGE Revenue Breaking Cny 5 Billion

4月 27, 2023

Recently, PROYA, a Chinese cosmetics group (SH: 603605), released its 2022 financial report, showing a 37.82% YoY growth in revenue to CNY 63.85 billion and a 41.88% YoY increase in net profit to CNY 8.17 billion.
As a new platform for the domestic cosmetics industry, PROYA’s portfolio includes popular skincare brands such as PROYA  and HAPSODE, makeup brand TIMAGE, personal care brand Off & Relax (OR), and high-performance skincare brand CORRECTORS, among others.
As of April 24th close, PROYA’s stock price was 157.99 CNY, and its market capitalization was CNY 448 bill …