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In the Chinese market, the Coach brand currently occupies a unique niche that is distinct from traditional European luxury brands, and this gap is unprecedentedly large.

2月 28, 2024

Axel Dumas, who has led Hermès for ten years, rarely shares his latest views on the entire luxury industry and the Chinese market, and provides a detailed analysis of the company’s long-standing development strategy.

2月 26, 2024

In January 2024, the actual sales volume in the mainland China market was very optimistic, and the group was very satisfied.

2月 22, 2024

In terms of mainland China operations, during the fiscal year 2023, Shiseido Group is transitioning from a growth model primarily driven by large-scale promotions to a more sustainable growth model, focusing on value-based brand and product communication to meet consumer demands.

2月 20, 2024

Sales in China for the quarter grew over 20% year-over-year, exceeding management’s expectations and making it the fastest-growing market in Asia.

12月 20, 2023

“If Adidas wants to win over more consumers, we need to introduce more mass-market (go down) products without losing high performance,”

12月 19, 2023

Lululemon is expected to open approximately 55 new stores globally in the 2023 fiscal year, with the majority of them planned for China.

12月 15, 2023

Zegna CEO Discusses Zegna China’s 360-Degree Transformation.

12月 11, 2023

For the recently reopened Sephora flagship store in Paris, the CEO of Sephora anticipates that during the Olympic Games, the foot traffic is expected to reach 15,000 people.

11月 08, 2023

Hermès is often regarded as a “luxury trendsetter,” and the information shared by its executives holds significant reference value for understanding the ever-evolving luxury industry.

11月 01, 2023