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Based on the 113 valid questionnaires collected this time, Luxe.CO Intelligence has specially created 6 charts.

12月 27, 2023

This article has selected quotes from 11 executives of these 11 brands, providing insights into their understanding of Chinese consumers and niche markets.

10月 24, 2023

This investment also marks BVG’s first foray into the fashion industry since the launch of its fashion and apparel vertical business last year in collaboration with industry veteran Gary Wassner.

6月 27, 2023

Herno took action several months ago by collaborating with Istituto Secoli and other fashion brands in the region, such as Gucci, In.Co, Versace, and Zamasport, to establish a school in Novara to develop production talent.

6月 21, 2023

In his short life of 42 years, Walter Albini made significant contributions to the global promotion of “Made in Italy” fashion.

6月 04, 2023

After completing four investments, the Youngor fashion industry ecosystem has become even clearer.

5月 02, 2023

The acquisition will encompass three multi-brand concept stores and one single-brand boutique under the Parisi Taormina umbrella.

4月 04, 2023

Get ready to witness the fashion extravaganza as the opening ceremony of China International Fashion Week kicks off on March 24th. From March 25th, 51 prominent brands will showcase their latest collections with 52 stunning runway shows.

3月 21, 2023

With a current market share of around 12% in China, Brunello Cucinelli aims to further expand this figure in the next five-year plan.

3月 19, 2023

In 2022, the brand’s sales exceeded $100 million and achieved triple-digit growth.

3月 15, 2023