Snow Peak: Enters Food Sector, Upgrades & Renames China HQ

4月 03, 2024

Snow Peak, a Japanese outdoor lifestyle brand specializing in camping gear, announced the launch of its food sales business, Camper’s Shokutaku (literally “Camper’s Dining Table”).

Camper’s Shokutaku’s product development, production, and sales will be handled by Snow Peak’s subsidiary, Snow Peak Local Foods. The first batch, including ten products such as frozen pizza, Vienna sausages, and bacon, went on sale on March 29 at Snow Peak LAND BASE NAGOYA in Nagoya, and will subsequently be available in brand-owned stores. The product range will expand in the future to include items like curry and pasta sauces.

The brand stated in a press release, “When we are in nature, the food we eat always tastes better. We want to bring this gourmet experience from camping into everyday life, hence we started this project.”

This is not Snow Peak’s first venture into the food industry. The company has previously operated restaurants and cafes and has hosted food-related events. “In the future, we will utilize our accumulated experience and expertise to further enrich our customers’ dining experiences and create more unique experiences through this new business.”

Snow Peak LAND BASE NAGOYA, which officially opened on March 29, is the first store in the new LAND BASE series by Snow Peak. Besides selling camping products, showcasing brand apparel, offering store-exclusive products, and introducing the new Camper’s Shokutaku business, it also provides space for events and after-sales services like drying and simple repairs.

While expanding its new business and enriching its store formats, Snow Peak, which is in the process of being privatized, is also further strengthening its overseas operations. On March 25, the group confirmed that its China headquarters office has been officially renamed “Snow Peak China HQ5” (HQ stands for HEADQUARTERS), positioning it as the strategic center for global business in China.

Snow Peak stated in a press release that globalizing its business is one of its management priorities going forward, and the development of the Chinese market is crucial to the group. In October 2022, Renen (Beijing) International Business Management Co., Ltd. and CITIC Trust PE Co., Ltd. established a joint venture, “Snow Peak China,” aimed at promoting product sales and experiential business in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

To accommodate its increasingly diverse business segments, including equipment retail, apparel, after-sales services, membership services, and camping experience activities, Snow Peak China has been expanding its team, upgrading its organizational structure, and completed the relocation and renovation of its headquarters and office in the fourth quarter of 2023. The newly established strategic center “Snow Peak China HQ5” is the location of Snow Peak China’s new office, featuring office space and an exhibition area to facilitate smooth business operations. The office also has a spacious terrace where tents can be set up for outdoor meetings, promoting Snow Peak’s camping culture.

Following Japan and the United States, Snow Peak China HQ5 is another global strategic center. With the establishment of “Snow Peak China HQ5,” Snow Peak China will continue to expand its retail operations, develop camping goods and apparel suited to the Chinese market, and develop campsites and camping facilities in areas with favorable natural conditions. The company will also promote Snow Peak’s culture and philosophy, train local staff, and launch various experiential services, allowing Snow Peak’s camping culture to take root and grow in China.

 | Source: Official press release, Fashionsnap

 | Image Credit: Brand website

丨Reporter:Jiang Jingjin

 | Editor: LeZhi